23 December 2015

living without her 14th-18th December


21 December 2015

Notting Hill

 Me and Jaymie decided to spend an hour or so catching up and wandering around Notting Hill, there's nothing we love more then snapping the beautiful coloured houses, we went on a hunt for the most festive wreath we could find, there were some strong contenders I loved the punches of dried flowers that hung on some of the doors it would be an absolute dream to live in a brightly coloured house.  

13 December 2015

living without her 12th December


Things to do on Sunday : Columbia Road

So I got my bum out of bed super early last Sunday, as I have decided it best I do things with my time off rather then sit around eating and generally being a lazy bum. So the night before I text Ree and we both needed a bit of a pick me up and figured flowers were the best way forward. I jumped on a Met line and sped all the way to Liverpool street where i met up with Ree and we grabbed a Costa and chatted about life since we last hung out.

I just love columbia road, especially when we get in their early and aren't being squeezed and stressed out nothing worst then a grumpy Londoner. I thought it best I pick up some cabbages for Dad as he's made a point since mum passing to have a bunch of flowers near her urn to brighten up the place, (not sure if my readers were aware that my late mum was a florist hence my love of flowers) so I grabbed up the biggest bunch I could find and headed off to see if I could find me and my sister something to pop in our space.

I got a winter mix 3 bunches for £10 I couldn't really complain, Ree was searching for the perfect Mini Christmas tree and for £5 she grabbed a bargain. Content with our wee floral adventure we snuck off for a late breakfast consisting of a bloody mary for Ree and fancy Egg on toast for me. It was delightful as we sat next to an open fire. Was a lovely little break for the brain on a Sunday, thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a sunday stroll or adventure.

12 December 2015

the mess that is my space

So I have been chained to my desk (not literally) as I try and finish all my commissions before Christmas, had a rather important/large piece to finish which I'm currently working on by candle light as my lamp as decided to blow! Don't worry I have a main light it's just rather dim and rubbish. It's been rather jectic running up to Christmas as I'm sure it is for all of you lovely lot, I have been chopping my time between my desk and visiting J out in the countryside as he had some sad news recently and being there for him is needed. 2015 hasn't been the best year ever but I'm trying my hardest to make December a busy and fun filled month as much as possible. 

My new project is underway well and you guys seem to be loving the idea which is really encouraging, sorry if the blog at the moment looks a little sparse, I'm having a new side bar added and I really wish I could figure out how I want it to look, never been one for the minimal look, but we shall see. 

Before I had a client meeting on Monday I ventured into The London Graphic Center as I knew I wanted to pick up some Copic Ciao markers and get my new project underway, my 25% off VIP couldn't be discounted on the pens but I brought them anyway, pains of being an illustrator the constant love and need for new stationary, I just love the markers, I work on Letraset paper so it has no bleed and they just make me super happy.

The studio space as been a little neglected, hello bare walls and no inspiration, sometimes I have to just get my head down and work so I think once we are in January I will be rearranging maybe moving so we shall see.

living without her 11th December

No idea why yesterday was sucha tough day, I didn't even write in my diary and spent my morning crying but I turned it around and got my butt organised.

11 December 2015

Living without her 10th Decemeber


10 December 2015

Living Without her 5th - 9th December

So here is the first installment of my new personal project it is entitled " Living without her" it is a project based around my everyday feelings and thoughts I would of shared with my Mum, I have decided to draw one thought, feeling or moment from the day, if I drew all the moments from the day I wouldn't have much of a life! I hope you find them enjoyable, I will be posting hopefully one a day here or on Instgram, I hope to keep this going for a year.

6 December 2015

Betty Magazine illustration

* Illustration by Ella Masters 

There is nothing I love more then meeting inspiring women, I enjoyed a fabulous night with the Betty Magazine Ladies at The Hoxton recently for the girls club (photos to be shared soon) spending it with the ever lovely Zoe from Lady Bird Likes
So I thought how wonderful would it be to get my doodle on and draw the newest edition of the Magazine, I always had the dream as a child to create my own magazine, it's lovely to be able to find a magazine that is beautiful and filled with amazing content.

5 December 2015

What I have discovered since becoming an Aunt

My beautiful Nephew turned a year old two weeks ago and he has been the best addition to the family, it's such a wonderful thing getting to see this tiny human grow and discover the world.

- Being an Auntie means doing fun stuff and making a mess without worrying too much.
- I have learned that I am definitely not ready to have one of my own. 
- When they learn your name and come for cuddles its the best thing in the world
- An extra chocolate biscuit wont hurt
- Making the little lump laugh becomes my main mission when he's around
- Getting to hand them back when they're crying is the best feeling 
- You become less squeamish around excrement
- Selfies are the best when they feature him
- cooing and ahhing when you aren't around him and in adult conversation sounds a tad odd.
- It's the best excuse to hunt down cute onesies, booties and toys. 

So all in all being an Auntie is just the best thing thats happened to me in a long time.


2 December 2015

Figleaves secret santa

Figleaves asked me to be part of the Christmas Secret Santa and I jumped at the chance to exchange and choose a lovely piece. I'll let you in on a secret I'm not one of those cozy girls that were full sets of pjs, I'm a baggy tee kinda girl so when I received this lovely silk robe, it was just perfect for me. I love the lace detail and the cute card and candy canes that were neatly wrapped up inside. Cheered me up so much and got me into the Christmas cheer which I thought would be a lot tougher this year.


1 December 2015

Two months on

So yesterday marked two months since I lost mum to complications during an Asthma attack, sixty odd days have been very much a blur, I have chosen not to see certain people in this time, as I am trying to build on myself, my happiness and eliminate as much unneeded stress as possible, selfish but necessary. I have found myself for the first time in a long time, knowing who I am and what I want from my life. Cheesy, most definitely, great for my confidence? hell yes! I have also learned that you really truly only get one life,

When you have to live everyday without the person that filled you with hope and happiness you learn to make your own, I don't stress as much over silly everyday troubles and in this time I have found myself traveling a lot more, something before I felt hard due to my anxieties. I read somewhere recently that people who experience big trauma's or life changing moments come out the other side being able to cope better with the trials of everyday life. I'm not too sure about that but I have found myself trying to slow the pace of my life down. Spending my days painting, working, enjoying food and good company. 

In these two months I have learned the importance of talking, sharing and facing your problems and issues openly and without fear. We all will go through some kind of loss in our lives at some point and it's how we face the hurt and upset thats important. Everyone deals with pain and loss in their own way and its giving space, time and love not only for ourselves but everyone we surround ourselves with.
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