24 January 2015

My studio : Behind the scenes

I do work a crazy amount, the last few days have been no exception, when I haven't got my nine week old nephew or packing orders I'm drawing sometimes late into the night trying to get everything upto scratch. Currently working on new bits for the shop that you may have seen over on Instagram and working on my Big Pop Club which I have received fabulous feed back on. I haven't really spoken about it all that much on my blog, trying to get everything sorted for it to go live, the boxes will be a run of 50 to start off with lots of fun illustrated goodies will be tucked up inside. I was going to start a kickstarter to raise funds for the boxes after recent issues read here but I was a bit of a scaredy cat to make a video and profile just incase people didn't endorse the idea, silly I know. 

But anyway, I have had the privilege of working on a fun few commissions which is always nice. Being able to draw things for people is what I love. Getting to spend hours drawing is deffo my way of relaxing and now that I have Netflix and have discovered Sons of Anarchy good bye freedom hello piles of pages of doodles of tattooed men!  I went for a slow walk the other day to get out of the house after my chest infection and money worries and sat down with my sketchbook and just drew what came into my head, I created the workings for my Hipster Hotties poster that you can buy here that I am hoping to create a fun little Zine from.

Also there is free shipping (code HIPSTERHOTTIES)  at the moment on all items as long as you spend over £5 in store which is really exciting as I have never done free shipping before there are lots of sale items and sample sale stuff so snap them up!

I have some space available for commissions so please just let me know I have just done a lovely couple portrait for valentines day too cute! 


19 January 2015

Beards, Tattoos and tea plese?! #bluemonday

I was surprised by a little gift* from the lovely people at Tatty Devine, I decided I didn't want to confine this lovely gift to my Instagram photo album that I wanted to share them with you all, this necklace just sums me up!

At the moment I am rather poorly snuggled against the radiator  trying to rid myself of the chronic stomach pains I seem to have developed. So it cheered me up no end when I opened the beautifully wrapped gift that had been sat on my shelf since Friday, with strict instructions not to open till Monday.

Blue Monday is today, apparently the most depressing day of the year, with the blue skies outside I wasn't feeling depressed just very ill and this funny little package just sums me up, my passion and what I am working on at the mo. My lovely Big Pop Club boxes. So thank you Tatty Devine for thinking of me and putting that much needed smile on my face!

*This is not a sponsored post.

14 January 2015

snippets of the week so far

I just wanted to share with you a few snips of what I have been upto for the last few days

We woke up early last Sunday and ventured East to one of my favorite places in London, good old Columbia Road, as you can tell I have always been a fan of pretty flowers and nice photos I will share more photos from this day later on but there was beautiful weather, lots of walking and lots of tea.

I have been rearranging my work space and putting up all the Instax photos I took on my East London adventures with Jaymie, can you spot the lovely Ranunculus I bought from Columbia road?

I finally got back to creating what I was trained in, a good old painting of a tattooed lady this one was inspired by the latest issue of Things and Ink magazine its so lovely to finally have the space in my studio to paint and get back to doing what I really love. 

I have been working on some new illustrated prints based on my Big Pop style work from 2012, its great to get back to doing what I love. I also discovered my love for Guardians of the Galaxy and How to train your dragon two, does anyone else work with films/tv shows on the in the background even though you aren't paying attention?

Finally getting my Big Pop Club up and running it will be a monthly subscription there is more information over in my shop at Big Pop Club the above box is available in a give away over on our instagram the new box (circus themed) will be filled with lots of illustrated goodies and ready for pre-sale for march on the first of February so excited to get these out to everyone!

10 January 2015

Original art work tattoos and skulls

 So it is with regret that I have to sell some of these original pieces of work this morning I received a letter in the post from my old job demanding money back money in which i am owed, but to keep me from stressing over certain things I thought I would have a little originals sale. These are my most recent pieces and are all originals in different sizes but all awesome you will also recieve a free gift with every order...

Payment that received will be going towards a new section of my business a subscription box of tattoo fun and illustrated by me it will be called Tattiude club, all things had been set in place to get the subscription boxes up and running by march this year but this payment issue will see all my hard work over the last couple of months be wasted. It would be amazing if you could all take these off my hands so I can get started on building back up all my hard work. Thank you

How to buy?

Quick sale? Can purchase now from my online shop Ella Masters Studio .

I will be accepting payment through Paypal its on a first come first serve (via email) basis. If you are interested in a piece these are all originals and one offs once sold I won't be creating another.

Please send the number you are interested in leave a comment below with your email address or you could email me direct to ellas_blog@hotmail.co.uk and then i will give you my address to send the money via paypal. Once the piece has been sold I can then take it off the site only once payment has been received will i ship it. Each piece will be lovingly signed and sent. This is open world wide please add extra for p&p Uk - £4.50 and world wide £6.50 & small drawings £2.50, worldwide £3.50
1. Love perfume £30

 2. Kewpie Holiday £30

 3. Kewpie cushion £50

 4. Point Kewpie £10

SOLD OUT 5. Juicy Lucy Burger £20

 6. Beard Bang £20

7. Till death do us part £55

 8. Heart Perfume £20

 9. Blue Bottle £20

 10. Skull cross section sketch £55
11. Side study of skull £45

when this adventure ends your next one will begin

BDG - Mom jeans | BDG - Paper thin tee | Accessorize - Necklace

I've been  thinking about my image (promise its not as self absorbed as you may think) recently after finally discovering outfits that feel more like me over the last six months, i've tried the cute skater girl dresses, dainty cardigans and vintage hem lines a plenty but it just never sat well with me, it wasn't really till recently that I bagged them all up and moved on. I also wanted to share some tips if you are feeling down about you.

 Lets go back a few years to when I was a wee nipper I loved this one dress it had a zip down the front was navy blue and covered in white flowers I bloody went everywhere in that dress with my pink plimsolls or green jelly shoes and that was it come rain or shine my legs were out bare and you know what it was that moment I realised I wanted to wear this for me it made me happy and enabled me to be free, and probably because to annoy my sister a little as she was a girly girl and I wasn't I wanted to be like "see I can roll in mud in my dress and you can see my pants but who cares" the point I am trying to make is that I forgot to wear clothes for me that little adventurous rebellious kid had got lost somewhere after I discovered I  was really good at inhaling crunch bars! haha

I grew up and felt being a girl I had to wear pretty things to come across as attractive, but you know what I feel best when I wear a baggy off the shoulder tee and a good pair of butt hugging jeans...I've inherited the love of good jeans from my mother but for many years I would only wear dresses (i hated every second of it), due to the weight the thought of jean shopping was just out of the question, silly brain. My weight over the last few years has fluctuated between a size 18 in 2010 and now I sit just at a size 12, and even if I don't honestly admit it to myself it was hard to admit I wasn't happy with who i was or how I looked.  You think you look fab and then you go out and see a photo of yourself and you do that comedy moment "is my ass really that big?" Don't get me wrong when I was a size 18 i never thought i was like ugly looking with it, (being bigger doesn't make you ugly I'm not saying that) just when I would see my face I would see someone who wasn't happy, I admitted defeat I was big. I hid behind my hair and endless crap clothes that didn't reflect who I actually was or how amazing I was, yep there I admit it! I felt guilty at times if I wanted to make the effort to feel pretty, I would always think that others wouldn't like what they see, and that thinking isn't right and I know that now.

The above photo was taken after I bought some Mom Jeans, something I had been searching endlessly in vintage shops for, for years and i ummed and arrrhhed about buying these as I have  be super paranoid about my damn child baring hips! but then I thought the child Ella would of put these on and think "damn girl you can roll in the mud and cover yourself in sequins in these jeans and look you can't see my pants win and they make you bloody happy so put them on and shut up!" Plus I look like my childhood hero Rick Mayall as Richie in Bottom so win win! It's not necessarily the weight loss that has made me look at clothes and how I wear them differently, its the confidence in myself that changed me yeah I have fat days or days where I wear an outfit that should be locked in the vaults of Room 101, its the ability to remind myself that this is the body i've been given and to look after it and love it and that's what matters, so put clothes on it that reflect you and not what people want you to be like.

I have tried experimenting with a more simple styles having key pieces in my wardrobe that make me feel good about myself, I have come to the conclusion its better to have a few pieces that suit your figure then a million items that make you feel average. 

My advice if you aren't feeling like you or letting your image or weight get the better of you- 

- Do you really need to change?
- Don't beat yourself up over it
- Accentuate your best asset 
- Be kind to yourself 
- Tell someone how you feel (this can be yourself )
- wear things for you
-  Treat yourself 
- Start a healthy thought / Food plan
- Baby steps 
- Write how you feel down
- Do not compare yourself to others they have their own struggles. 
- Learn to except your flaws
- Love yourself 

So what I am saying is that this photo is a catalyst of how to be a little more adventurous in being who you really are. Be honest with yourself if "You" don't like who's looking back at you in the mirror, rationally think is this something I need/want to change for me? if it is and its doable why not try (there is no weakness in improving and loving yourself). If its something for someone else stop and think about yourself will it make you happier? if the answer is no don't do it. Some feelings are fleeting remember that change is constant there's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of "You" so take this away with you if a girl can pull off sparkly green jellies then you can wear anything your heart desires.

p.s. I might have just purchased the Mom Jeans in black oops!

The Parisian Trip that never was


Dr Denim - Jeans | TopShop - Petite Breton top | Leuchtturm 1917 - A4  Master notebook | 
TopShop -Boots | H&M Kids - Envelope necklace | Z for Accessorize- Cassius long coin necklace | Vintage - Rings | Daniel Wellington - Watch

This is my go too staple outfit, I probably would happily wear this everyday if i could. So this would of been to travel in comfy and perfect to chill in. These Topshop boots are my ultimate foot wear I wish I had bought like ten pairs two years ago! 


 Primark - Backless Breton Top | Zara - cattle skull necklace | BDG - Mom jeans | Vans -Authentic blue | Lonely planet Paris book | Instax camera | Moleskin notebook 

I only bought these BDG Mom jeans today when I was seeing Jaymie in Camden, I bought them from Urban outfitters I should probably got them in the 32 waist rather then the 31 (before christmas I was a 34 waist) but they are the perfect mom jean I have come across and they work really well with a simple top and a battered pair of vans. This outfit is for wandering around all the beautiful sights, I needed a good pair of comfy flats and I can always rely on my old faithfuls!

Sunday Evening

 New Look - Thigh high boots | H&M - sheer ruffle cream top | Z for Accesorize - Cassius Long coin Necklace | Charity shop - Velvet Skirt | Accessorize - Tartan Scarf

So this was my elegant evening outfit if we were going to head out in the evening for a few lovely glasses of wine. The thigh highs boots were a little treat to myself before Christmas, never thought I would get my chunky calves in these beauts but they are rather spacious! Nearest match I can find are these suede versions but they are more expensive but there are loads of shops doing these at the moment.

Night time 

 Vintage- Levi ripped denim shorts | BDG - paper thin tee | George Ezra - Wanted on voyage

This is my chill outfit/pjs I don't really own pjs which I know for a girl is odd but i just can't stand them ha! I don't wear the shorts to bed I would just like to say...How amazing is George Ezra currently listening to this Album on repeat he's a complete babe.

Skin care / whats in my bag

Inside my make up bag
Make-up and skin treatment and bits from the inside of my bag

Oh Paris the dream that never was...a few weeks ago me and Jaymie booked a little trip to Paris as a little present to ourselves at the start of the New Year thinking it was a good idea, but in light of the devastating Charlie Hebdo shootings and Terrorist attacks we thought it best to cancel our trip as we thought it a tad disrespectful prancing around the beautiful city snapping insignificant photos. My thoughts are with the people affected by these tragedies being a Londoner (who has dealt with personal incidents similar to this) I send all my love and thoughts to all Parisian's (and surrounding areas) who's lives have been marred with tragedy in the last few days. We didn't back out of the trip due to being afraid of the situation but our families were worried and like I said above it wouldn't be respectful.

I did want to still share with you outfits I was hoping to wear on our little trip along with my make-up and other bits and bobs as the photos would just be sat about, this is what I normally wear anyway and I love being nosey to see how people put outfits together so I thought I would share.
When it comes to my choice of outfits I've gone pretty simple and very me. It has recently come to my attention that my staple go to piece is the Breton top I own way too many but even though they say larger women shouldn't wear striped clothes (they can shut up who ever "they" are) I find that the Breton top is a timeless classic and I wear it with everything. If I had it my way each outfit would feature stripes but I thought NO! Ella be adventurous throw some Tartan in!

Make up this has become a recent love of mine due to being able to now afford a few pieces from Benefit which is my favorite make. The Browzing palette is perfection! My skin has recently been really bad due to ill health plus size I've dropped two dress sizes downside I have the skin of a fourteen year old but I have recently discovered Superdrugs Clearly Youthful Blemish Gel
Which other then Sudocream is the only thing that seems to work on my skin and of course I needed to share my favorite accessory my Amoxicillian tablets what every girl with a chest infection should have in her handbag!

So there is what I would of worn on our little Parisian adventure this weekend. Last thing take the time to appreciate all of those around you and at the same we should appreciate our freedom....


7 January 2015

my new space

So its official I love being surrounded by all the clutter, its how I work, probably (make that deffo) way too much for some people but its how my brain likes to work for some reason. I am definitely a visual person cue the million framed and blue tac-ed pictures on the walls. So I took the plunge at the start of the week with the help from the father and de-cluttered my space ( yes this is really my life de-cluttered!) moved a lot of furniture out and bought a whole new room of cabinets, a bed, a desk, lamps and storage to fit my ever expanding life. I did how ever donate twenty bin bags full of clothes to my local charity shop and a hospice shop that supported my Grandma in her dying days so it felt rewarding not just for me but knowing that my unwanted items were going to others. Yes I could of ebayed them or depoped them to the max as I am always asked about hauling my clothes, I just couldn't stand snapping and posting like 200 items of clothing that had been laying around for yonks, I know it doesn't sound like much of an ask but when you're helping look after a seven week old, work plus being poorly I couldn't face it. I have reduced my clothing now down to one small box of shoes/bags and a chest of drawers of clothes which before was two cupboards, chest of drawers and six boxes plus three boxes for shoes and bags, I decided that as I only live in jumpers, breton tops, skinny jeans and boots that, that was a crazy amount for one girl, plus skater dresses and fancy things don't really suit me anymore.

I have been struggling with the worlds worst chest infection, cue at least three asthma attacks a day, don't worry I am dosed up to the eye balls on paracetamol and antibiotics its just fallen at the wrong time just before my adventures to Paris. But I am attacking 2015 with a more positive outlook, which really isn't like me. Its finally nice to have a big space where I can feel comfortable and dedicate my time to being creative probably the first time since I left university almost five years ago that I feel comfortable and have enough space to work.

The bed itself still needs jazzing up on the hunt for the perfect bed covers but that can wait, I am so looking forward to getting my teeth into all my commissions for, new products and new business ventures in the year to come. I also bagged myself a copy of the latest edition "the stripped back issue" of things and ink magazine hello inspiration time to snuggle up in bed and get planning finally!

- Lamps were a gift but I believe from Wilkinsons (now in the sale!) and Debenhams and the mini white shelves were from tiger that I painted white  * This is not a sponsored post.

keeping cosy

There is nothing I love more then finding the perfect little coffee shop and snuggling up. Spending New Years in Brighton was no exception. Cafe Coho was the perfect mix of vibrant and snug. Me, Alice and Kelly snuggled up and enjoyed a few hot beverages between us while watching the busy streets of Brighton bustle by the windows, whilst Kitty visited the beautiful Pavilion.

Is there anything more perfect then sitting with friends and chatting over a hot beverage.


6 January 2015


I spent new years in Brighton with some University friends, it was so lovely to get away from London for a few days, the days were filled with wintery strolls, drinking Chai Lattes and beating people are board games. I have always had a love affair with this beautiful seaside town and when a few friends of mine who live down in Brighton invited me and Kelly down for a few days. 

I haven't seen certain friends for nearly five years so you can imagine it was great fun. 
For new years we played board games and had champagne while dancing around the back garden with sparklers.  We wandered down the Laines on New Years day hunting down the best place for brunch. We discovered the lovely Wai Kika Moo Kau yummiest breakfast and Chai Latte.

Brighton has some really lovely little shops, which i loved snapping. For me its all about the everyday, capturing lovely moments with friends, savoring the last of the Christmas cheer. The weather was wintery as expected as we walked along the seafront which was great to blow the cobwebs out, I should of remembered more layers. How I have missed a stormy sea. We stumbled across a really lovely little independent art store called Castor and Pollux where I bought my new 2015 Journal.

I always feel so much happier and refreshed once I've escaped the city for a little while, what did you get upto over the New Years?

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