27 February 2015

Fearless Friday : Embracing colour.

This is my new Weekly feature on my blog about living a little bit more fearlessly, these might be tiny steps of embracing things that we thought we couldn't do but also learning to enjoy the small triumphs that lead even greater things.

Embracing colour. 

A lot of my favorite bloggers, artist and makers are inspired by colour which in turn has subconsciously been drawing me in. I have found myself in these winter months trying my hardest to seek something more visually appealing then the grey skys outside my London home. So i thought there is no better subject to get started on then my love for colour and not being afraid to share more of it on your blog, in your work and with what you wear. I recently share on tips on my blogging content post. Now as a creative person colour to me has always been pretty vital in getting my ideas, thoughts and processes across. Not only as an artist but i think as a human we need things around us that appeal to our senses. Colour combinations too me can spark inspiration.

I am a massive fan of pattern, find me a good bold repeat pattern and I will love you forever! Introducing colour through patterns is one of the easiest ways to embrace colour into your wardrobe, home or art work. I wanted to share with you artists, blogger and other creatives who inspire me to Embrace colour fully.

Tigerlilly Quinn for me embraces colour fully and is one of my favorite bloggers for inspiration and the little outfit posts with Wilf are just perfect.

Leah Goren's work has such a delicate yet bold look too it, and I just love the way she has combined colours, well known for her kitty repeat dress Leah's work for Anthropologie is just perfect and endlessly inspiring. 

Bri Emery of Design love fest has an endless ability to make me just want to have colourful pom poms hanging from every wall space and bright flowers draped on every surface!

Being Little Shares some of the best patterned combinations without a doubt. I am always a lover of all things Lyzi does.

Shiny Thoughts without a doubt has to be my ultimate "fearless embracer of colours" (made that word up!) Lucy's outfit post and colourful details are just perfect!

I have been embracing a lot more colour in my studio and my work via the multicolour roses that I got from Flower Works Florist  I was a little shocked when my mum ( who is a florist) I think the colour combination is created technically through a computer how amazing are they? They have been sat facing me all week while I draw and paint my new summer collection.

There are a simple ways you can embrace colour more on your blog, in your work and your wardrobe

- Bold patterns: You only need maybe one piece that brings out your outfit be it a colourful patterned scarf (think Little Magpie Head scarf style) or a pair of patterned trousers.

- Colour block: You can slowly introduce select palette into your wardrobe, I love this skirt from H&M for that, With the whole 70's trend you can play about with simple colours

- Experiment and don't be afraid, maybe buy a stronger pigment paint and work in that.

- Work in collage, work in cut out some great pieces by Laura at Cardboard Cities are wonderful and so is her blog

- Pinterest is a great place for collecting inspiring images of colour and how other combine it could make a board inspired by your favorite outfits, patterns, stationary or purses you name it. I kinda like to think of it like those colour swatches you use to rob from the Dulex section of Homebase.  Boards like colour collection, fashion, packaging, pattern... go ahead and get started on your own.

I hope that has helped in some way, Remember to just have fun with what you do and be fearless, next weeks topic is all about Learning something new.

25 February 2015

From my desk : Summer collection.

Busy working away in the studio on my new summer collection. Think fun floral, bright colours and all things summery. Today I made a mass of Marmite on toast to fuel me through my lack of sleep and a silly migraine. But I am loving getting my teeth into new and exciting things, and this Bockingford watercolour notepad is beyond amazing. Colours I am inspired by at the moment are the new Turquoise watercolour pan i picked up the other day in Cowling and Wilcox its just so perfect and the pigment is so amazing!

 I will also be bringing out a floral set of temporary tattoos which I am currently working away on whilst Teddy cries. Over in my shop at the moment there is buy one get one free on all prints just for a week, and the new prints are selling super well so thank you for the support you lovely bunch!

I am trying hard to hunt down a pencil supplier for my new stationary section...come to me all the pretty pencils.

My evening routine

Ever since going freelance and not having to get up at a set time (yes I do try my hardest to wake up before 7am) my evenings have become somewhat close to an all nighter blogging, working and stressing about the next days events. After late nights turn to unproductive morning I decided the only way for me to make the most of my days would be to set up an evening/before bed routine so my body gets those important eight hours kip. Its simple and pretty straight forward but its something I had come to neglect and wanted to share with ouy. 

It starts with a simple taking my make-up off routine, I use Sodashi clay cleanser with Lime to cleanse my face and the Rejuvenating face and next moistruiser,  after months of awful break outs and dry skin this beautiful stuff is really doing the trick. Once my face is sorted, I find the baggiest top ever and cuddle up in bed with a good book and my notebook so I can get thoughts that are plaguing my mind down and all my inspiring ideas.

Ella's current must read - "How to be Parisian * where ever you are"

I am currently reading "How to be Parisian" which I have read for the fourth time - and alas I am still not as chic as Caroline de Maigret - le sigh. I find reading a book before drifting off calms me down and reading makes me sleepy so its a perfect combo. I try to avoid my phone and laptop as the fake light tricks your brain into thinking its not bed time, but Chris was wishing me good night so I make exceptions sometimes...

Finding what works for you to relax you before bed is whats important, I'm not one for drifting off straight away so maybe you could

- Read a book
- Use an app that has soothing noises
- Write everything down before bed so you aren't stressed
- Herbal tea or warm milk might help
- Fresh bed sheets are the best
- Lavender is calming and meant to aid sleep

I hope these tips have helped slightly and forgive my no make up face, but its got to be done sometime. 


24 February 2015

Tourist in my own town : Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath 

Getting out in my own town is something that I have been trying to do more and more. So when Chris came up with the idea of having a wander around Hampstead Heath I jumped at the chance. Even though I am from London I have never ventured across the heath.

So when we arrived it was rather busy with people running around readying themselves for the cross country championship. So you can imagine the amount of mud flying around the place and as Chris is a massive fan of anything sport based and competitive we watched for a while. 
I was aware that the view from the top of the Heath was going to be rather wonderful, it was rather busy but the view was rather lovely. You could see the shard, St Pauls and the London eye I was so surprised at how much we could see, so I would suggest going on a sunny day. 

I can't wait for it to be summer, hello picnic and feeding the ducks in the sunshine defiantly but it was such a lovely ramble, perfect place for a weekend gaunt.

Where we ate

When we had got to the bottom of the hill, Chris had a nice little restaurant in mind. Kalender on Swain's lane, is a rather chic chilled resturant. I went for eggs florentine which i have to admit I have never had before. I was kinda too busy trying to find a photo of my short hair to show Chris and didn't realise I had eaten it oops! Plus the atmosphere and the pizza looked amazing and a good flow of tea after a breezy walk around the Heath.


18 February 2015

Adventures into vlogging and painting Be Frassy

You have those moments where you just need a break from everything, well last night I decided to put my talent to good use and create some portrait pieces based around some of my favorite Online peeps, last night I was working on a portrait of Audrey from Be Frassy who is just the ultimate babe!I might just start a women's portrait section in my portfolio but i am however doing these drawings as a switch off from other work.

Also today I made a new section in the shop for custom work how exciting! So if you head over to Ella Masters Studio you'll see a section that says "Headers and Designs" and you can nab a portrait or a header of your choice for your blog! First time i've actually done a sort of order on the spot style thing so we shall see where it goes. By the way its 10% off with every custom purchase if you use the code ELLADESIGN15

Anyway enough of the plugging business, this is the first style portrait I have done in what feels like forever, I more then often now work in a simpler style less realistic. I am using Bockingford paper and Windsor and Newton Watercolours, I'm yet to finish off the Breton top, the more detailed the better for me when it comes to drawing I love a good challenge!

 I have some rather exciting news I have mastered (i've had a play with) some editing software on my MacBook and have decided I want to get into vlogging and youtube a lot more. I have shared a lot of my hyperlapse videos on my Instgram (@_ellamasters_) and want to kinda get into more substantial videos, I did a few videos years ago but I wanna share a lot more of my work with you guys, few tutorials here and there sound like a good idea to me. Anything you'd love to learn or now hows? give me a shout!

16 February 2015

Weekend Adevetures - East London

I often head East when I have time to myself, as you are probably aware as a reader of my blog you can see other East London posts here and here or in the tag below, it is always so lively with lots of arty stuff going on at weekends. I decided to head over to Cowling and Wilcox as I wanted to pick up a few bits and pieces ready for the week ahead of work, I did spend a silly amount of time hunting out the perfect sketchpad, my heart wanted the MoleSkin watercolour pad but my head refused to pay £14.95 for it so I happily settled on the Bockingford watercolour sketchpad (which I will be reviewing later in the week) and I nabbed some fine liners and brush which i'll also chat about in the week. 

Its always nice to wander about and have time to snap photos of things that you would often pass by, I headed to Columbia Road I don't often go as late as one o'clock just because it's crazy busy with people grabbing a bargain and snapping the perfect photo. So I squeezed myself through the crowd of people to pick up a couple of bunches Mimosa (that's the yellow flower) and Ranunculus (that's the pink ones) my timekeeping was pretty rubbish yesterday, I headed back to Liverpool street to collect Chris for an afternoon of food, photoboothing and tea!

So our choices in food weren't all that fancy I have to admit a quick bite in Nando's to escape the masses at the fish and chip shop (were we wanted to eat) and then on into the crowds of Brick Lane, I had the best idea ever of a cheesy couples photo booth photo like something out of Amelie (less sassiness I have to sadly admit) which did mainly involve me pulling the face of a Rabbit caught in headlights. As we wandered about before heading to Hawkhurst Vaults for tea we stumbled across Kooky Bakes stall at the Sunday up Market, I went for the Salted Caramel which was amazing and Chris went for the Peanut butter Whoppie pie...seriously recommend getting a few! 

We spent the remainder of the evening lounging about drinking tea at Hawkhust while I painted the room in the new sketchbook, So that was my Sunday, what fun did you get upto?


13 February 2015

a few milestones

Today marked a little milestone for my big sister, her first proper trip out with Teddy since having him in November, it was lovely to get to spend more time with my tiny Nephew and my gosh hes sucha hit with the ladies its crazy. 

So enough about the tiny bundle of joy! After two months of a (clothes) spending ban, I saw this Anita and Green khaki tartan jacket from New Look I just couldn't pass it by, it makes me rather happy, it falls really well and is super flattering on my hips, and the colours are just perfect for how i feel on wintery days, (forgive my rather pale complexion I suffered a rather bad asthma attack this morning wiping me out) .  Today also marks a bit of a milestone for me, I have been dieting now for just over a year and a half and i've gone from a size 16/18 to a size 10/12 which is such a wonderful feeling now when I go shopping. I have spoken in the past about the ups and downs all I can say is bloody get in now to tone up and I'll happily don a bikini for the summer! Next week I might even pluck up the courage and join the gym?! 

So I have excitedly started planning outfit photos, as I want to get in the habit of featuring more of what I wear now that I'm not too afraid of snapping what I look like for the blog. 

What are your top tips for snapping the perfect outfit photo?


being an auntie : tiny teds

In November I became an Auntie to the biggest bundle of joy ever, being from a big family I have been use to always having babies around me (two little brothers), but being an Auntie is on another level. Now that I am old enough to notice the lack of sleep, baby changing and constant feeds, I have a new found respect for any hard working parent, bringing up a baby is no simple task. You don't realise how much something so small can have such a big impact on your life, I know he's not my baby but as a family we've all taken a big part in helping support my sister. 

 This little munchkin has been one hell of a handful for my sister, due to having colic and silent reflux, which if you don't know is a pain for Teddy and resulting in sleepless nights for my sister. So we have combined our forces to create a blog for my sister called Tiny Teds, still in the early stages. But its nice for Katy to get her thoughts, photos and journey put into something so positive.

So on a generally calm day yesterday we snapped some photos, he's got so big and cute and has such a fantastic personality, so sassy and yes he clearly gets his good looks from me!and you know what I am super excited for when he gets to the stage of glitter, sequins and gluing everything together then my truly eccentric Auntie role will be in full force, think art attack but better!


11 February 2015

Ella illustrates : 10/02/15 Rosewood hotel spa event

So I had one of the best nights last night getting to illustrate lots of lovely bloggers at the Rosewood Hotel as I sweated away while doodling and drinking cocktails in the relaxation room at the Sense Spa

*Art work by Ella Masters
Do not re-use, re-blog, or copy without consent from the artist


10 February 2015

From my Studio Review : Ink and brushes

Anyone who has been a reader of here for a while knows that I am a bit of a stationary art / supply geek/hoarder/owner of way too many items, so on my way into town the other day I made a stop off at my favorite art supply store Cowling and Wilcox for a few thin brushes and some new Ink. So I wanted to kick my new art supplies review off with these new purchases.

0 Da Vinci - 
This is my favorite of the four I purchased, long thin-ish brush had a really good hold to it. Down side it held onto a lot of the ink even after cleaning. 

Pro art series 107 spotter 2 -
I did find this one a little trickier to create the fine lines with but overall the tip was good.

2/0 Pro arte Prolene + Plus 007 - 
The skinniest of the group i found as it was had a little more length in the bristles it kicked out a bit at the end when it had ink on.

3 Da Vinci  - 
This was the largest of the four, great for painting in small areas, recommend this for anyone who struggles with long bristle tips.

Now I haven't bought a Windsor and Newton Ink in forever, so i opted for the Black 30ml version, its great as it dries so quickly and is water resistant. Its what I have been using to paint my Ella Illustrates, 1, 2, this isn't the Indian ink version this black is a light-fast pigment in a Shellac solution which makes it permanent on the page. It looks great washed down aswell and sits well on paper.  Highly recommend this pigment.

9 February 2015

Drink Me better

I seem to be coming down with what appears to be one hell of a throat and ear infection, I'm such an attractive soul! Nothing cheers me up more then a nice big snugly jumper and hot beverage, the long hours of working into the evening have taken their tole, so when I chanced upon these* Drink Me sachet in Waitrose I treated myself. I think these ones were their tea range, so I had Earl Grey tea latte and I enjoyed every drop, as I use to be a sucker for a good hot chocolate ( I no longer eat chocolate) this for me is a nice alternative and only 90 Calories.

I am desperately trying to make myself feel better before I have a big blog event tomorrow where I will be drawing some of my favorite bloggers, super excited. I am making more of a conscious effort to wear nice things, seeing as I spend the majority of my time shackled to my desk with no make up or fancy clothes on while I draw and email people. I think also its the hint of spring in the air thats make me feel like a change in what I am wearing. So I'm not sure if I am in anyway a fashion blogger but I want to bring more of these elements into the site so fingers crossed in the future you'll getting more of a glimpse into what I wear!

*This is not a sponsored post


6 February 2015

ella illustrated - 05/02/15

*Art work by Ella Masters
Do not re-use, re-blog, or copy without consent from the artist

5 February 2015

ella illustrates - 04/02/15

*Art work by Ella Masters
Do not re-use, re-blog, or copy without consent from the artist


refueling your creativity : Getting out

I kinda promised myself I would get out of the house a lot more, when you freelance from home it can get a little stifling and some watch dull day after day sat staring at my walls and endless series on Netflix, its also not that good for my damn chunky thighs. So yesterday I threw on my running shoes grabbed my trusty back pack and headed out. Dressed very much like I had left the house in days (didn't really care) wandered aimlessly for a while, camera in hand and a back pack filled with sketchbooks. I am very lucky to live near the biggest woods in Greater London, fresh air, nature and freezing hands what more could you want?

I find a lot of my ideas come when I am not thinking about work, recently I have been rather stressed in my personal life so any excuse to dust off the cobwebs and not feel like a complete failure I will. It was freezing yesterday as I climbed a massive hill to the woods, feet caked in mud which to me is a good sign of a proper walk. I finally settled in the Cemetery (promise I'm not a goth) and doodled away yes the doodles were rubbish but its nice to create work without a solid purpose other then I wanted to fill the page with colour and line plus the colours of the leaves and fresh air are always great for cheering up anyone. 

For me, going for a walk is great way to switch off my mind and its free I've got some top tips for getting out and staying creative.

- Head to a local Art Gallery, most are often free and i find very calming environments.

- Head to a coffee shop with a sketchbook and chill out for an hour or two,

- Switch your phone off, that includes twitter, facebook and good old instagram.

- Have some time for yourself.

- Go somewhere educational, museum, exhibition, botanical garden.

- Enjoy time away from work, don't feel guilty for not being glued to your desk, you are allowed time to refuel and gain new inspiration

What are your top tips for refueling your creativity?

4 February 2015

ella illustrates - 03/02/15

Ella Illustrates is an illustrated account of the fun, mundane and odd things I get up on a daily basis as a tea drinking freelance Illustrator in London.

*Art work by Ella Masters
Do not re-use, re-blog, or copy without consent from the artist


1 February 2015

big pop club

I am finally happy to announce after a few weeks of planning that my Big Pop Club Boxes are now available to purchase for the month of March, the contents is top secret and can only be revealed once you have purchased one, who doesn't like a fun little surprise in the post, sound exciting? 
Well you have the choice of a, one off payment for either one month, three months or six months. Each monthly box is themed and this Month is based around the circus think bearded strong men and vintage tattoos. 

You can purchase your box at my studio shop or on the Big Pop Club page  They are selling really fast and I am happy to announce I only have a handful left, super excited! You can follow us on twitter and Instagram at @BigPopClub
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