28 January 2016

Chill out

A lot of my time is spent at my desk, I have a love hate relationship with that space. I enjoy the fact I work from home I really do but as a messy artist you can imagine my annoyance when I live in that space! Anyways I always make a point when I am in my space to get dressed in something nice. More recently comfort has been top of my to-do list, Baggy t-shirts, jeans and layered jewellery is the way forward. I have had these BDG jeans for over a year now, they were once skin tight so I avoided wearing them as I figured Boyfriend jeans weren't meant to be that tight. I only ever wear them around the house paired up with my favorite tee or jumper. 

This beige beauty is from H&M and its the comfiest jumper I now have in my wardrobe. When I was a little bigger I avoided wearing jumpers as they made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, but learning to layer them and mix them with things I would never of worn before has turned them into my staple item. I love the jumper because the sleeves are rolled up. Just perfect for lounging around and painting.


  1. I'm going to start working from home full-time soon too, and am majorly in need of some new comfy clothes. I absolutely love your outfit and am definitely keeping it in mind for when I go shopping! What a cosy looking nook too :-)

  2. Love that jumper Ella! I swear by boyfriend jeans for work on Fridays, heh. And I'll be working full-time from home in a couple of weeks too. Let's make grand tea and cake plans so I can squish you and have a HUGE catch-up <3


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