26 February 2016

down time with Ted baker and Portmeirion

The last weeks have been rather hectic since Paris, so taking some me time is really important and nothing says chill out time like a big old cup of tea. For a long while I didn't drink caffeinated tea as avoiding caffeine was my thing, but I slipped back into a couple of teas a day. Between working on commissions I poured myself a large cuppa from the amazing tea for one set from Portmeirion who have collaborated with the fabulous Ted Baker to create the lovely Rosie Lee collection. At the moment stopping for a cup of tea is a little bit like a luxury whilst I work which sounds a little silly but once I'm in work mode I don't stop. 

I know full well my mother would of loved this tea cup set, as she was a bit of a fan of the floral designs on Ted Baker handbags and shirts so I know she would of adored this and we both loved chilling out with a cuppa and watching rubbish TV whilst we gossiped. 

Big fan of the colour combinations with the black tea cup and delicate white tea pot with lovely little dragonflies fits perfectly on top, the chicest tea experience I have had in a while.


  1. Gorgeous set, unmistakable Ted pattern, love it


  2. That's a lovely design! It's been so long since I've sat down with a huge cup of tea and just relaxed...

  3. I love how the tea set just screams Ted Baker! It's a really great design.

    Raise The Waves

  4. I love their designs. I got a huge cup and saucer (fox/woodland design) from Home and Bargains and it's wonderful.


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