3 February 2016

how to be more creative

The age old question how to be more creative often this is the question I get asked and I truly think there are so many ways to be more creative or how to implement more creative moments in your day. 

I would say these are my top tips.

Just create
let loose, grab those pens, or your sweing machine and just see what you create something wonderful could come from it.
Take the time to do a little creativity a day
There is always time, 2 minutes spare create something, keep a journal, on your commute get your knitting out. Have the time to do something fun with your creativity. 
Stop being a perfectionist
Perfectionism is something that stops alot of people creating, nothing will be perfect and once you get past this you'll realise it is important to just get your ideas out there. My best sellers have come from just putting paint brush to paper and creating.
Don't wait for the right time
Similar to stop being a perfectionist, there will never really be a right time, do your best with what you have. Don't wait to create work with expensive things, one of the best things I create was with cheap poster paint and cardboard box, viola! Dolls house I was happy and content.
Don't compare your work or be hard on yourself
Since discovering the internet personally for me has zapped some of my spontaneous creativity things were different when I was younger, naturally creative things are all around us, which naturally we compare ourselves against, try your best not to, there is plenty of room in this world for every creative en devour, someone could be doing something fab doesn't me what you're doing is any less amazing.

Get yourself experimenting, don't worry about the outcome just throw things together and create something.


  1. I definitely need to stop being a perfectionist and comparing things I make to others, it really does hinder your creativity. Great post!

    ISOSCELLA | isoscella.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I definitely need this for when it comes to filling my scrapbook for my art project at uni, I just stare at it and think where do i go next, what will get the best grades! it's a struggle when you think like that, sometimes you just have to take tools to paper and create and I will definitely be referring to these when I need it

  3. Just create and stop being a perfectionist are so helpful for me! I think I end up worrying so much, about whether it'll be good or not sometimes, to even get started in the first place. Taking the time to be creative everyday definitely works! I've started a short online journal this year - it's a little trial and error, but I quite like it for what it is!! :-)

  4. Ah these were great tips :-)!



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