11 March 2016

Sweet potato Pancakes

When I get the chance I like to try new things, especially since I have been traning for the Marathon fixing my diet has been a really important part for me. I decided to try making myself some sweet potato being super versatile and probably one of my favorite veggies. 

This recipe will make 12 pancakes I decided to make larger pancakes and save them for the next days breakfast. 

1 sweet potato 
200ml Hazelnut milk
200g plain flour 
2 Table spoons Raw Honey 
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
coconut oil for greasing.

Peel and chop the sweet potato into small pieces.

Steam or boil the sweet potato pieces for around 10 minutes until they're soft. 

Add the Hazelnut milk, flour, honey and cinnamon into a blender, I used a hand blender until the mixture is smooth. 

Grease your non stick saucepan with some coconut oil allow to get very hot and then place two table spoons worth of batter into the saucepan, I used a ladles worth to make large pancakes.
Allow the pancake to cook for around 2 minutes before flipping it over. Flip over the pancake and cook till both sides are golden.


I added coconut soya yogurt with blueberries, goji berries, banana, almonds and pumpkin seeds. You can add anything you like on top of the pancakes.

10 March 2016

Things to do in London : Places to drink in Islington

Me and Jaymie headed out for a few drinks the other night, jaymie is always hunting down cool places to eat and drink and she surpassed herself with a two for one at The Dead Dolls house Islington the interior was really cute and friendly which is always nice when enjoying a few cocktails.If you go for the two for one offer which runs from Sunday to Thursdays 5pm - 8pm it's really great value and there are some great cocktails to choose from.   

Our second stop was the beautiful Hoxley & Porter, I had never heard of this restaurant and cocktail bar. It's amazing, when you step foot into the bar area you feel like you've been transported back the 20's the cocktails were amazing a little on the pricey side but the one I had "Curious George" it was creamy and fruity. The atmosphere was calm and very peaceful but it was a Wednesday night so I imagine that helped. I fell in love with decor and both me and Jaymie will be back for round two.


9 March 2016

Brighton Photo diary

A few weeks ago my best friend who lives miles away in Norfolk gave me a call letting me know she was headed to Brighton for a few days so I booked myself a train ticket to head down to visit her in one of my favorite places. Brighton isn't too far from London I decided to take the slow train as I'm never a fan of dashing about. 

We decided our day would be about wandering, drinking coffee and eating good food. So that's exactly what we did. As I got into Brighton early I headed to may favorite coffee shop Cafe Coho and grabbed myself a tasty breakfast and my first ever Matcha Latte. The pancakes and Latte were devine and the location waiting for Kelly to head into town were perfect, I drew, ate and watched the world pass bye. Cafe Coho is a really cute coffee shop that serves home made food and tasty coffees I had the best ever (thats a bold statement) Chai Latte here. 

When we are in Brighton we love to wander around the Laines, I love snoopers Paradise and the little independent shops. We discovered a fun little photo booth shop and snapped some fun photos both of us looking a little worst for wear. We also stopped and ate lunch at Wai Kika Moo Kau which is our favorite cafe to visit as we are both Veggies, it's pretty affordable  and you get a good amount for your money which is just the best. 

We spent the rest of the day chatting and catching up about life since we last hung out in October. There is nothing better then hanging out with your best friend enjoying wandering around a city by the sea.

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