7 July 2016

Foodie Haunts - freak shakes fun

 So if like me you love the occasional indulgent treat then head to the Canvas cafe just off brick lane create the tastiest of Vegan treats...welcome to the world the Freak shakes  You've probably seen them all over Instagram, but in real life they are just as tasty as they look.


Now I'm a complete sucker for a milkshake but I no longer drink cows milk and it's often such a challenge to find something Vegan and sweet when I go out for a meal. I had the chocolate freak shake which came with little bits of brownies, I discovered that the juices chickpeas come in can be turned into meringue, it blew my tiny mind!

The Canvas cafe has such a chilled vibe and felt really welcoming, it was really nice to find a little calming cafe of the bustle that is Brick lane and it is definitely worth a try. 



  1. Oh wow, these look incredible! I definitely wouldn't have guessed they were vegan! x


  2. Oh my god. These look absolutely amazing! I'm feeling like it might be worth a trip to London just to try one of these bad boys :) Thanks for great photos!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Your photos are making me want a good shake really bad now, haha! I love the sound of cute little shops like this, but unfortunately, there aren't any like this in my area. There is a restaurant that I swear makes the best mint chocolate milkshakes though! I love cute posts like this :) x


  4. Ah this looks amazing! Since I can no long have dairy I have been craving things like these! Food porn for my stomach haha,


  5. These look yummy! I had to stop myself from running out of work to find a 'shake when I looked at these xox



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