6 July 2016

Pastel delights

A few weeks ago me and Jaymie decided to go on a wee adventure around and visit a few new places. Jaymie is always the best at find the most picturesque things and places. We went on the hunt for the Sugar House studios that have the prettiest of tiled back drops.  I was saying the other day that I don't post that many outfit photos due to the fact I am literally always in black or sewn into this leather jacket that I brought in Zara a few months ago. Possibly the best purchase I have ever made. I couldn't seem to find it online but I know that Natasha picked one up the other day.

 Jacket Zara | Boots Topshop | Strappy top H&M | Necklace H&M | Belt H&M | Bag Kanken |

So I just love the colours in these tiles they just make me smile. Another item in my wardrobe that I take with me everywhere is my Kanken I picked mine up from Urban Outfitters and I had wanted one for years but I couldn't bring myself to part with the money. So I used a little of the money I made from a big job and just brought one. One of my favorite purchases. I use it as my gym bag but more importantly its perfect for when I am carrying around all my art things it holds a hell of a lot more then I thought it would. It also brings out my inner child ha!


  1. Lovely outfit photos. Can't go wrong with a good leather jacket!

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  2. So so gorgeous Ella, you look fab x


  3. Such an amazing backdrop! :) I feel like I've pinned a picture of this wall before...
    Also, I'm always a fan of a good leather jacket!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  4. I really like this. Pituresque backdrop! Pretty pastel colours! and nice jacket too.


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