28 August 2016

sunday vibes

Today is one of those days were you meet up with good friends drink coffee and chat about fun exciting future plans. I am have a very rare lazy Sunday,  I have Creedence clearwater revival playing on the record playing cup of tea in hand and you know what I am really enjoying sharing the smallest of snippets of my life again on the internet. 


27 August 2016

our london vodka

I have found myself more and more inspired by the outdoors, often I will spend at lest  two hours of my working day outside. Obviously the weather has been glorious these past couple of days so it's been inspiring. I ventured over to mum and dad's allotment plot and to accompany me on my mini wildlife ad adventure i took with me the lovely Our London vodka to make myself an elder flower and apple vodka. One of the drinks that reminds me of my childhood summer has to be elder flower, they use to grow across the stream in from of our house, and just takes me back to warm summer evenings playing curby with the neighbors kids. 

So I thought it was very fitting that I should mix the elder flower with Our London vodka which believe it or not is, produced distilled and hand bottle in London. Now I am no expert on vodka, gosh I barely drink anymore but this Vodka has a wonderfully smooth taste to it and went well with the apple flavor that was found in the mixer. The bottle itself is pretty amazing and i've loved having it sat around my studio as its possibly the cutest bottle of vodka I have ever seen. It was a lovely addition to my summer afternoon painting


26 August 2016

painting break


The one thing that calms me down and takes my mind off my worries is painting, no matter how stressed I feel if there is a spark of inspiration. When it comes to painting on canvas I don't do it as often as I did when i was university. I often buy a cheap canvas and use Acrylic, nothing fancy I just want to get to work straight away once I have that spark I have to paint. 

I found a photo of the lovely Anne-Marie who's music I'm a big fan of and just got started. I always do an under colour a base if you will to work on the top of. I think this helps alleviated the fear of painting straight onto a white canvas also it helps the skin tone look less peachy. 

I'm never really a fan of how I paint I never mastered the art of using Oil colours which pains me but I have put it on one of my to-do lists to learn. Anyway the new painting is sat above my bed along with a few other paintings I do love the fact if I can imagine something and have the courage and energy to put it onto paper if infinitely more pleasing then just adding it to my to-do list


1 August 2016

Extend your weekend with Lipton Ice Tea

Last week I was given the wonderful opportunity to visit the Lipton Ice Tea pop in at the Hoxton Gallery, it was a super early start for me so it was nice to get the chance to wander into London at that time of the day. As an artist myself often there aren't too many interactive creative events but I loved the fact that I could challenge my drawings skills with a chance to create something using a virtual reality headset.

Now I am rather rubbish when it comes to drawing anything virtually but it was so much fun, there were different settings and I really enjoyed the space background were you could draw with glittery stars. I didn't realise that the whole virtual; experience was so immersive and the session went by so quickly. I created a few drawings, they weren't the best creation I had ever done but I had so much fun working the headset and getting to use the controls rather than creating something with pen and paper.

Dotted about the room while I sipped on my Lipton Ice Tea were large sheets of paper and a wonderful creative guy called Doodle Man, we had a good chat about drawing as obviously i adore drawing. His illustration work adorned the walls of the gallery and we were encouraged to fill the space with thick marker pens and black ink. I took part in a little drawing workshop where Doodle Man got us to create doodles in 10 seconds trying to think on our feet and just create, it definitely got my brain working at 9 am, making me feel like I had extended my weekend way into Monday morning. If you had the chance to extend your weekend what fun things would you get upto?
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