22 September 2016

black like my heart

Tunic dress | Zara 

Adidas Gazelle | Schuh

Leather jacket | Zara

Can you tell that i am a little bit in love with this Zara dress? I snapped it up the other day when I was out with Natasha, and the moment I put it on I fell in love. It goes perfectly with my black heart! So anyone that knows me knows I like a good outfit change throughout the day, so I had to put this on when the weather warmed up! So lets talk about this wonderful dress, its really light weight and rather see through which i think makes the drape perfect since I lost weight I practically dropped a million stone from my boobs and now I do feel so much more comfortable with low cut tops, when I had a cleavage I was super paranoid about having anything on show so now I feel a lot more comfortable in this style dress. 

As we wandered around Knightbridge area I tell you Natasha has an amazing eye for a coloured wall and a composition. How amazing do those marble steps look, it was like my outfit was just meant to be?! Natasha actually uploaded her vlog with part of our day over on her Youtube channel yep that is be acting like a bit of weirdo that's something that doesn't really come across in still photos! how the internet can deceive hehe

This is probably my everyday look, when I am painting in the studio or running errands this will probably be my go to outfit, even when the cold weather sets in bung on some tights and you're golden, I am finally getting the whole key pieces for your wardrobe thing. Everything black is the way forward.


  1. Such a stunner Ella! You look lovely! x


  2. What a beautiful find and you look stunning in it!!

    Shannon | www.sweetserendipityblog.co.uk


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