29 September 2016

Velvet boots baby

I love the fact I'm well known for the boot wearing abilities, no matter what the outfit it is have a pair of boots to match, these amazing velvet boots from Next are  just another level, they have a sort of rose motif swirled into the fabric itself which is just so decadent and make me feel rather fancy. 

I will be wearing them to tonight's #ProjectTaxi event with Next I've layered them with this fab shirt dress from boohoo to give a slight rock chic vibe as these might have to be my new dress up boot! I am pretty addicted to a good pair of ankle boot, I just love the fact it can be such a diverse look, dress up or down and still feel fab. I will be bringing out a little blog post about the best places to grab some awesome ankle boots.

Also can we take a moment and appreciate Natasha's photography skills? We spent a really lovely day together I was in a major fluster that day, but we drunk a lot of coffee and chatted all about creative things which is like the best kinda days!



  1. I love this look! The top and boots go so well together and look really stylish xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  2. You're such a stunner Ella, those boots are gorge! x


  3. Beautiful outfit Ella! These photos are truly gorgeous too, really autumnal tones! x

  4. You look amazing! Love that outfit so much, so stylish x

    Reverie de Paris

  5. holy macaroni these boots are absolutely divine. are you still wearing them for this year?

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat


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