29 November 2016

life lately

Life lately has been a little bit hectic and today is the first day in about three weeks that I have managed to spend the entire day in my house. I have been moving about London for photo shoots, work and socialising it's great but super exhausting, i have had a few live illustration markets in that time, the little nephews second birthday also I had the wonderful opportunity to cook and attend my first ever thanks giving, it's been a pretty fun few weeks.

So today whilst I had a breather I decided to take the time to bake a little cake, I haven't baked since mum passed away so I thought I would christen our new kitchen and make a Vegan carrot cake with amazing caramel style topping so whilst I devour the cake I just wanted people to know I haven't disappeared just real life sometimes takes over.


  1. Yaaaaay the kitchen is finished? Ahh I'm so glad :) It feels like forever since I saw you - need to change this xx

  2. And that's ok when real life takes over sometimes! I'm happy to hear your past week has been fun :)

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