6 December 2016

Hibernation mode

It gets to this time of the year and it's dark by 4 pm here in England and all I want to do is snuggle in bed with a cup of tea, a good book or a geeky documentary. I have been feeling the need to be a bit of a recluse for a bit I think it's needed when you're having a hard time. I don't personally feel comfortable always on the go, having a busy schedule makes me feel really disjointed in myself. It's nice to be able to spend a few evenings a week doing stuff that makes me happy in the quiet surroundings of my room. 

The best way I give myself a bit of a break after a stressful day is reading a good book, people would of seen if you follow me on Instagram I finally bought myself Kieth Richards Autobiography "life" I struggled to get into it but now I really love the way it's written and you can really hear Keith's voice in it which is filled with humor and you can't have the perfect hibernation experience without a big thick fluffy jumper or woolly socks both from H&M.

I find that my anxieties are worst when I feel really disconnected from the place I lay my head, if my heads like this I struggle to function with my work and social life so for me the time spent on my own is really what keeps me going. I suppose it also doesn't help that I am currently a little heart broken. I think looking after ourselves is so vital and often mistaken for being selfish or self indulgent. I find people view the word "Self" in a negative light but speaking as a creative and a human just giving yourself a little time alone, to recover from struggles is exactly what the heart and brain needs. So get those woolly socks on, put a good film on and have some time to yourself.


  1. Yes, I love getting all cozy after work. I get home around 4:30pm here, so it's practically dark when I get home. It's also dark when I leave for work. So, I spend these months being cozy with my pup.

  2. <3

    I've been getting in the habit of three-day work weeks and using the other days to take care of myself. It's so important to hibernate every now and again and reset yourself! Miss your cute little face Ella xx

  3. I totally feel you with the hibernating feeling! I wish I could just cuddle up with a good book all day every day! The lack of light really doesn't help either, i'm counting down until the longer days!

    Rachael xx.

  4. Total feel you. Sometimes the hermit life is just needed so you get back to a good mindset!



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