22 December 2016

pergola on the roof

I was invited to head down to Pergola on the roof and try some tasty food. First of all Pergola on the roof is located on the roof of the iconic Television Centre you know the place that was home to the BBC back in the day so that was pretty cool also its just opposite Westfield which is pretty handy after a little bit of Christmas shopping to pop up and chill, the vibe of the restaurants reminded me of the pop up and street style food you would find in the hipper parts of east London, which I always enjoy when I'm in that part of town. Pergola is only temporary for the winter season up until 23rd December so book a table now if you want to experience it.

The food itself there were 4 restaurants to choose from Doing a wide range of wraps, dips, burgers and chips, I opted for the falafel wrap with spicy hummus as it probably wasn't the best time to go back to being vegan, but the wrap was made quickly and tasted amazing alongside triple cooked fries it was pretty adorable and tasty,  if you're a meat lover they have a lot on the menu that seemed to be hitting it off with the other party goers.

The only thing that I had wished it had had, was a bar that was selling more then mulled wine as a hot beverage, it was too chilly up on the roof but I do love a good cuppa or coffee when I'm in such a cosy environment, other then that pergola was a pretty fab place to hang out with friends and grab a bite.

I loved the decorations and it did feel very cosy and very Christmassy, and the atmosphere was friendly as the tables sit around 10 people you can keep yourself to yourself or you can chat away to the others around you. All in all the food was beautiful and the surroundings surprisingly warm and christmassy.

This is a sponsored post but all view, opinions and photos are my own

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  1. Oh my golly gosh! This looks fantastic! The food looks amazing! x



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