26 February 2016

down time with Ted baker and Portmeirion

The last weeks have been rather hectic since Paris, so taking some me time is really important and nothing says chill out time like a big old cup of tea. For a long while I didn't drink caffeinated tea as avoiding caffeine was my thing, but I slipped back into a couple of teas a day. Between working on commissions I poured myself a large cuppa from the amazing tea for one set from Portmeirion who have collaborated with the fabulous Ted Baker to create the lovely Rosie Lee collection. At the moment stopping for a cup of tea is a little bit like a luxury whilst I work which sounds a little silly but once I'm in work mode I don't stop. 

I know full well my mother would of loved this tea cup set, as she was a bit of a fan of the floral designs on Ted Baker handbags and shirts so I know she would of adored this and we both loved chilling out with a cuppa and watching rubbish TV whilst we gossiped. 

Big fan of the colour combinations with the black tea cup and delicate white tea pot with lovely little dragonflies fits perfectly on top, the chicest tea experience I have had in a while.

22 February 2016

Garance Dore - love Style Life book review

I've been lusting after Garance Dore's book for a few months and after receiving 20% off Anthropologie in the post I snapped up the chance to buy it the other day on a little trip to Anthropologie. I have been a massive fan of Garance for the last few years, falling in love with pretty much everything she does. 

The book itself reminded me of a recent read and love "How to be Parisian" which I adored and at some points way too chic for me, but Love Style Life was a lot more down to earth it feels more personal and lighthearted.

The size and look of the book really lured me in, which is silly because that shouldn't matter to much but looks are rather important to me, the high quality images are perfect. The book itself is also filled with Garance's beautiful illustrations which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with her blog. 

Garance gives us a glimpse into her early years and her influences when growing up, at times she is rather personal but this is why the book works so well. I adore the 100 love lessons that sits at the back of the book, everyone should read this, it is filled with thoughts, feelings, quotes and relationship tips.

On another level this book is great for anyone who is a fan of fashion, blogging, freelancing and illustration so it appeals to so many professions. Dore gives us an insight into her business journey. I really enjoyed reading the 10 steps section. We get taken through the ups and downs of Garance journey, honest and open which I think is why I love this book so much. Definitely worth every penny and I would recommend this beautiful read to any creative. 

21 February 2016

treat yourself a little more

Lets take a moment to talk about treating ourselves, I don't just mean to a handful of chocolates I mean to those big things we have been lusting after and saving up for a while for. This week I got my first piece of I guess you could call it unneeded online jealousy and instead of hitting out and being negative about it, it made me sit down and really think about my online persona, how I'm viewed and potentially what others think and you know what, in that moment I realised that I genuinely wasn't overly fussed what this person thought of me. How mean of me right!? wrong, people don't see how hard you work for the things you have, the trips you've worked hard to go on, the clothes you wear (hello charity shop haul) but it left did leave a  bad taste in my mouth. 

You're probably wondering where all this has come from, and you might of seen over on my instagram I treated myself to a new camera the amazing Olympus Pen E-Pl7 (i got mine in jessops currently discounted) After the unneeded comment, it did make me super wary about sharing snaps and shots of the camera and blogging about it, it genuinely did. I came to realise that I have never bought myself anything pricey or consider extravagant. My old DSLR had been a hand me down from my brother with second hand lenses.

I grew up, a child in a big working class family, hand me downs were my thing, charity shops my stitch and money? whats that? Now I'm not big on saving, never really have been becuase the majority of what I make goes back into my business and supplies, when your hobby is your job and vice versa it's not really treating yourself just second nature. So when I placed my order for the camera, (yeah it's for my blog, instagram my work) it felt extravgant to say the least. I had been saving for a while and searching around for the best deal but still it felt like something I should be ashamed of owning as I didn't feel like I had earned it and that comment came back to haunt me, had I worked hard enough, I should be a little more modest, Don't brag too much, it's not like you've spent a million pound.

You know what happened next, my mothers voice sounded in my head, "fuck it girl you earned it, go get them" and I realised for the last 5 months I had been supporting myself and another person in my life solely on my freelance wages. It's not been 5 months of extrvagnace, its been a hard 5 months of mourning my mother and excessive stress regarding the situation. Buying myself something that I have saved for, for nearly 3 years has felt like a realase. I can openly enjoy and take pride in the content I create now. It's not showing off, its giving yourself a moment to realise actually you've earned that car, that new hand bag or that cake. That's what treating ourselves is all about, it's giving ourselves a little pick me up, self love, showing ourselves a little appreciation for all those long hours and hard work, there is no shame in that and theres nothing wrong with that occasionally.


20 February 2016

Floral fun with W hotel for London Fashion Week

So I did my first London fashion week event I know I know I have had a blog for nearly Nine years and I have never attended anything London Fashion Week based, I'm not going to lie I find all that planning and running around all a little intimidating. So when I was invited along to get my nails did and spend sometime with my Paris companion Amber Rose I couldn't say no. When we ventured into W hotel in Leicester square the sight was stunning, the bridal couture designer and floral Artist Hermione De Paula had transformed the space with beautiful handmade flowers and glass bottles of pretty blooms. 

We enjoyed some beautiful Meringues from Meringue M'lord  I have rose with a mix of other wonderful fruity things and my favorite had to be the glittery rhubarb.

Me and Amber chatted all things photography while she had a little play with my new pride and joy my Olymus Pen lite E-PL7 which these photos were taken with, and I am completely in love. I will be sharing a little review soon. But it was nice to reunite and chat all things stationary, photography and creativity. 

We headed over to get our express manicures with Nail.inc and enjoyed chatting and having a giggle with the lovely nail artists, a job I think I would love but I probably would scare my clients away with random conversations and ramblings. We got the chance to have a little look at the new spray paint nail polish we weren't so brave as to try it out though but it does look fab! I have the Hoxton Market to try so watch this space!

So overall my first London Fashion week event was peaceful and enjoyable, I don't imagine they are all this calm but it was good fun to play about with my new camera and enjoy the blooms.

19 February 2016

Build up Bagel

Healthy eating for me is so important whilst I am training for the Marathon, so when New York Bakery asked me to create some fun fillings for my bagels I had so much choice, I love sweet bagels so wanted to challenge myself to create a filling that was savoury and of course I couldn't pass up combing banana and crunchy peanut butter!

 One of my favorite bagel fillings has to be the classic Salmon and cream cheese combo, so I tried to re create this with a toasted onion and chive bagel.

What you'll need

Chive and Onion Bagel 
Low fat chive cream cheese
Salmon pieces
Handful spinach

 I got myself some good old chive cream cheese and layered the filling up with salmon and chive cream cheese this is perfect for any lunch date. It's always nice to add a handful of spinach to add to the freshness.

This is one of my favorite dinners,  so I thought I would combine it in a Sesame seed Bagel, 

What you'll need 
Sesame  Bagel 
4 close cup mushroom 
coconut oil
handful of Spinach
coconut milk 
Keralan curry paste 

I created a sort of thai green curry bagel, cook the mushrooms in coconut oil and add the spinach when the mushrooms are cooked, add coconut milk and Keralan curry paste, let it simmer. Remove the cooked mushrooms and place the bagel in the sauce and cook the cut in half bagel to draw the flavor add a little region cheese for a little flavor.

This has to be my ultimate filling

What you'll need
Cinnamon and raisin bagel
One banana
peanut butter

 cinnamon and raisin bagels are just addictive. Combine this with crunchy peanut butter and sliced banana is the simplest but perfect breakfast combination.

How do you like building up your bagel? 


15 February 2016

Midnight in Paris Le Meridien Etoile

I wish this was similar to the woody Allen film and that we spent our evening hanging out with Hemingway and Cole porter but instead we did something rather Parisian and enjoyed alfresco dining whilst the rain came down. 

We came across Le Dome as we were hopeless trying to flag down a cab, definitely one of my favorite discoveries of our time in Paris.The Cafe itself is situated on the Boulevard du Montparnasse. The waiters were delightful and they gave us popcorn on our table while we took the time to choose our meals. I had my first Porn star cocktail and revealed in the conversation that was flowing.

 I always love it when you immerse yourself in the life of the city or place you are traveling. I loved this little Cafe that had a very warming feel. Inside the bustling cafe people chatted enjoyed the drink and food merrily the atmosphere I think where ever you're eating is important. I sat and drew the locals whilst Amber and Christina tucked into wedges of Brie and chunky piece of baguettes. There was so much to take in and the people were forever moving and chatting was perfect for working on life drawings. 

Are there any hidden gems you've discovered whilst traveling?


14 February 2016

Paris with Le Meridien Etoile Day Two Pt 1 What I wore

| Bag - Faith | Faux leather trousers - similar H&M | Shirt -  H&M | similar Jumper - River Island | Boots - Topshop | Necklace - Vivienne Westwood | Gin Brooch - Tatty Devine | Faux leather jacket - Zara |

Outfit photos taken By Amber Rose

Day two in Paris was another whirlwind as we wandered down by the seine I do love it down by the river watching people and lovers enjoying a smooch, I decided to layer up for day two as always I didn't wear enough when we arrived. 

I picked up the faux leather trousers for a bargain of £5 I wasn't 100% sure on them but I have grown to love them and I think they are really versatile so you can mix them up from day to night. I felt very Parisian chic in this outfit, it's probably my go to outfit for a casual stroll or if I'm going out for a coffee with friends. 

Every moment I could I set down with my sketchbook and had a little doodle, quick sketches are what I love most so how could I pass up doodling the Eiffel tower?

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