30 September 2016

Learning not to be so hard on yourself

There is nothing I love more then hanging out with some really inspiring people so when Natalie dropped me a tweet about catching up it had been almost a year I jumped at the chance, I love the fact we both practically live in the same part of London no one ever lives on the Met line! 

We grabbed ourselves a lovely Starbucks and got chatting about our lives and how pretty darn similar we are, I also came to the conclusion that we are all a tad to harsh to ourselves like we are our own worst critics. I guess as creatives we have to keep pushing ourselves but seriously we should take a moment to realise how wonderful it is to be able to do what we do so freely! I think it is always so nice to find kindred spirits as we meander through life, I love the fact that both me and Natalie have this rock chic vibe going on that to be honest I hadn't realised I had until a recent photo shoot when everyone was talking about my vibe and look, it was just nice to connect with some the old school way and just genuinely enjoy each others company.

29 September 2016

A little more organised with Biba

Ever since I was little girl I have been a massive fan of Biba, all those wonderful dresses, make up palettes and  funky tights that they are famous for lured me in as a child and I was desperate to snap up a piece from a carboot as a child alas it never really happened fast forward two decades and this deep purple vanity case appeared in my life as if by magic at a time where I had finally decided to be more adult about my make up routine. 

I have never really been a big girly girl so when House of Fraser sent me this case I figured this was the perfect time to sort all my old make up palettes, unused lipsticks and nail varnishes once and for all. The case itself is a really good size and perfect for a girl like me who doesn't have a ton of large pieces. It's actually nice now knowing where all my pieces are, don't get me wrong I keep all my vital pieces of make up in my everyday make up bag but the vanity case has helped me organize my chaotic make up life, also it doubles up perfectly for a little case to take away. Also lovelies I shop my first proper make up look recently and I can't wait to share it with you all. How do you organize your beloved make up items?


Velvet boots baby

I love the fact I'm well known for the boot wearing abilities, no matter what the outfit it is have a pair of boots to match, these amazing velvet boots from Next are  just another level, they have a sort of rose motif swirled into the fabric itself which is just so decadent and make me feel rather fancy. 

I will be wearing them to tonight's #ProjectTaxi event with Next I've layered them with this fab shirt dress from boohoo to give a slight rock chic vibe as these might have to be my new dress up boot! I am pretty addicted to a good pair of ankle boot, I just love the fact it can be such a diverse look, dress up or down and still feel fab. I will be bringing out a little blog post about the best places to grab some awesome ankle boots.

Also can we take a moment and appreciate Natasha's photography skills? We spent a really lovely day together I was in a major fluster that day, but we drunk a lot of coffee and chatted all about creative things which is like the best kinda days!


26 September 2016

Paris for the day with Farfetch

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Paris with Farfetch as you can imagine panic ensued when I had to come up with an outfit to wear, so you'll probably notice the mix of outfit throughout the snaps, it was insanely hot so excuse my sweatiness! 

I was rather excited to be venturing back to one of my favorite cities and to have the opportunity to dine at the Restaurant that was half way up the Eiffel tower. Now I am a Vegetarian and having eaten in France before I am aware they are rather into eating their meat, so when it asked about the vegetarian  option to be told that they could offer me a bowl of vegetables it wasn't the finest hour. The view from the restaurant was pretty beautiful and you could see the whole of Paris.  After we had eaten at the restaurant and I had my millionth outfit change we then set off exploring.

In the heat climbing rather a few flights of stairs it was safe to say I enjoyed the view when I got to the top. The wonderful Gemma of This London Life snapped photos of my whilst we gazed over Paris, probably one of my favorite parts of the trip ws getting to hang out and meet some amazing new bloggers. 

This trip has reminded me that I need to be a tad more adventurous with my hair as I only ever just have it up or down, so it think I need to find a few more ways to have it, also I need to have a little bit more confidence in my choice of clothes even when it is boiling.

We had a small photo shoot outside by the river with the lovely Camille who made me feel super comfortable as I had never really had my photo taken professionally before, I'm never one to have my outift photos taken in front of people so that was fun  to do, The day just whizzed by and we then set off to have a snoop around the designer store JOSEPH 
I think it's always nice to be able to wander around a shop and snap some photos of beautiful clothes, I was a big fan of the embellished leather jackets and smart doodled on shirts. Now I am not big on designer as not everyone can sadly afford the fancy things in life butit was a joy to get to wander around a lovely store in Paris and see the latest trends. 

So after a few hours in Paris we jumped on the Eurostar and whizzed back to England, it was a pretty whirl wind adventure and one that has given me a little more confidence in traveling and meeting new people.  

22 September 2016

black like my heart

Tunic dress | Zara 

Adidas Gazelle | Schuh

Leather jacket | Zara

Can you tell that i am a little bit in love with this Zara dress? I snapped it up the other day when I was out with Natasha, and the moment I put it on I fell in love. It goes perfectly with my black heart! So anyone that knows me knows I like a good outfit change throughout the day, so I had to put this on when the weather warmed up! So lets talk about this wonderful dress, its really light weight and rather see through which i think makes the drape perfect since I lost weight I practically dropped a million stone from my boobs and now I do feel so much more comfortable with low cut tops, when I had a cleavage I was super paranoid about having anything on show so now I feel a lot more comfortable in this style dress. 

As we wandered around Knightbridge area I tell you Natasha has an amazing eye for a coloured wall and a composition. How amazing do those marble steps look, it was like my outfit was just meant to be?! Natasha actually uploaded her vlog with part of our day over on her Youtube channel yep that is be acting like a bit of weirdo that's something that doesn't really come across in still photos! how the internet can deceive hehe

This is probably my everyday look, when I am painting in the studio or running errands this will probably be my go to outfit, even when the cold weather sets in bung on some tights and you're golden, I am finally getting the whole key pieces for your wardrobe thing. Everything black is the way forward.
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