29 November 2016

life lately

Life lately has been a little bit hectic and today is the first day in about three weeks that I have managed to spend the entire day in my house. I have been moving about London for photo shoots, work and socialising it's great but super exhausting, i have had a few live illustration markets in that time, the little nephews second birthday also I had the wonderful opportunity to cook and attend my first ever thanks giving, it's been a pretty fun few weeks.

So today whilst I had a breather I decided to take the time to bake a little cake, I haven't baked since mum passed away so I thought I would christen our new kitchen and make a Vegan carrot cake with amazing caramel style topping so whilst I devour the cake I just wanted people to know I haven't disappeared just real life sometimes takes over.

16 November 2016

new tattoo

The new tattoo is finally going through the itchy stage and it might possibly of been the silliest idea to date to get it tattooed on the arm I work with at such a busy time! The pieces was designed by Luke Jinks at cloak and Dagger and combines my love for Joy Division and my heart break at loosing my mum.

14 November 2016

taming the mess

These photos were quickly taken by Natasha on a short break in the heavy down poor last Thursday, we had spent the majority of the morning at the Arts Residence in Kings cross visiting the Lypsyl, yep the tasty lip balm style stick that we all use to covert while we were at secondary school. The event itself was pretty fab and both me and Natasha had our hair and make up done, the guy from Electric Hair clearly thought it needed to be tamed and gave me a wonderful pony tail with a braid along the side, the neatest I think it's been in years. 

The toothy gin in these photos hides the actual fact I was on the way to the Tattooist on a whim clearly high on paracetamol I stopped by cloak and dagger and booked myself an impromptu tattoo, I am a little bit in love with it and I'll show it off some more soon, I have a crazy busy week a head and getting your forearm tattooed and having to paint portraits wasn't the best idea!

7 November 2016

hunting out hidden gems in whitstable with Southeastern Railways

As a child my brothers and I would take frequent trips with my dad to the seaside as he has always had a slight obsession with the sea for someone who grew up in London, and I always felt like we had that in common. There is something quintessentially British about a seaside town that if you look closely enough is slightly rough around the edges but holds charm and character. When Southeastern Railway contacted me about finding ‘Hidden gem’ on their network, my first thoughts were to head to Hastings for the day, sit amongst the boats and enjoy the view. But my brothers reminded me of the old sweet shops and adventures we had had on hot summer days down in Whitstable.
Whitstable lies on the Ramsgate line out of Victoria or Kings Cross if you travel via the High-speed route. We opted for the slower train to give us both the chance to catch up on work and have a gossip. The Town of Whitstable itself is cute and had so many lovingly looked after shops and cafes. First stop after getting off the train was to have a mooch around the vintage shops and I have to admit I saw a jumper that caught my eye, but sadly being on a clothing ban I had to walk away from the cosy knit. We got talking to the store owner who told us of all the wonderful things to do in the area, but being limited to four hours of daylight kind of cut our list down a little.

As we strolled down the main high street, people were friendly, chatty and curious as to what we were snapping. We took a detour off the main high street and stumbled upon what truly was a hidden gem: The Windy Corner Store, an old shop turned into a beautiful cafĂ© with amazing millionaires short bread and even lovelier staff, who recognised me from my blog. It’s always nice to have coffee when you know it’s lovingly made and is supporting small businesses.

 Outfit photos by Natasha Nuttall
After Natasha and I enjoyed a short and warming pit stop, we headed in search of the beach.  My memories are of small boats hulled up on the pebbly shore so I was really looking forward to dipping my toes into the sea. I can’t not go to the sea and put my feet in it, it’s a Masters tradition and even though it was freezing, it had to be done. Both hungry and wanting some warmth we decided to hunt out a chip shop and sit back on the beach with our fish and chips. Whilst we ate we were surrounded by seagulls which made for an amusing meal.

As Natasha and I chatted I whipped out my watercolours and sketchbook and did some quick doodling before the day’s light disappeared. It’s nice to be able to head back somewhere with fresh eyes and really enjoy what a town like Whitstable has to offer.

We enjoyed finding hidden gems and I would love to hear all about your favourite hidden gems with the hashtag #SEhiddengems.

sponsored post but all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own 

4 November 2016

Leap of faith.

 Most days are spent wearing pretty casual outfits nothing too fancy over here, it's normally about comfort with me. When I was down in Cornwall I made the mistake of only taking boots with me and after a few miles walking up and down the hills I had to get myself some comfy flats. I popped into Topshop in Truro and found myself some pretty simple slip ons. I made sure they would go with most of my outfits as I'm never really a fan of whim purchases anymore so obviously black pumps go with everything.
 Photos taken by Natasha Nuttall 
Faux leather jacket - Zara | White vest - H&M |  Jeans - similar H&M | Watch - Daniel Wellington | Pumps - Topshop |

As we speak of comfort this is such a priority for me this weekend as I will be illustrating portraits at Renegade Craft Fair for the third year running, I have decided to downsize my stall this year as I am eventually going to phase out my online shop there is 20% off in my shop with the code "lastchance" I have realised as much as I love selling my work, unfortunately something has to give and as I become more focused on my freelance career and more lucrative opportunities appear I can't juggle everything.  I want to push myself and my brand in a different direction to just selling products online. I am feeling really torn as this is kind of a big leap for me, to move on from selling to being solely based around my blog and commission work but I feel it might be the right time for me to take that personal leap. 

So it would be really lovely to see as many people down on Brick Lane this weekend to support creatives and small businesses before the Christmas season. Also if you quote last chance at me if you do visit you'll get yourself a free mini print!

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