27 January 2017

My go to day to night outfit.

I am not the biggest fan of change, even little things can throw me a tad. I know what you're thinking where is the leather jacket? I decided to branch out for a change I managed to get this over sized faux fur number from primark a few weeks ago in the sale and I am in love! As you are all very aware the darkest shade of black is my friend and always what I opt for when I dress, and hanging out with Michelle was no exception. We decided to meet at Kings cross and head to the trust Grain store for warmth and a good old catch up. My diet recently has been lacking in a lot of goodness so jumping into this amazing meal with really needed, you can imagine it was fuel by a few soya lattes. We then decided to hop on the train and head to the seven dials for more catching up and snapping some photos. It's always so nice to see Michelle because no matter what we get upto we have a good laugh and talk all thing business and blogging, we are one of those old timer bloggers who just get when each other need a little support and a good chat.

At the moment I'm loving being able to mix up layers, its pretty cold in London and since I have lost weight the circulation in my feet is pretty none existent? so its all about boots and woolly socks, there is nothing worst then wandering around genuinely not being able to feel your toes. So this outfit had to encompass a day wandering around London and then dashing across town for a dinner date with the boy, so I wouldn't normally wear my faux leather trousers I find it just gives the outfit that luxe and simplest look that works for both day and night, for my evening date, wearing elasticated trousers probably in hindsight wasn't the best idea after a while the food consumption was felt but so worth it and easily hidden under the giant coat.


  1. Such a babe. A pleasure as always to catch-up and drink the entirety of London's coffee supply ;) xxxx

  2. this jacket is so pretty!! and you are a hottie!! ♥♥♥


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