Open house exhibtion work, 24/02/10


These are possibly the best pumps in the world, worn by my lovely friend kitty, i am hoping to encorporate these shoes into my work, i am hopefully going to be making a large long monoprint, of peoples legs and feet and shoes, with intertwinded conversations but i have to learn to write backwards :), that is my plan….also i am doing a open house exhibtion at kitty’s house tomorrow night from 6pm, if anyone is in falmouth its tresawna terrace, come along i am selling cards and tae cup necklace and i m open for taking commisions aswell :). I put 3 watercolour paintings in they are of 2 tattooed women and a man, from vintage images with quirky little notes at the bottom of the painting, one say ‘what a pair of lovely tats’

‘Hold fast’

‘Its all in the eyes’

These are all original watercolour drawings and will be going for £25, and i will be hopefully putting them on cards anf tempoary tattoos 🙂 

Whatch this space i will take plenty of photos tomorrow night for everyone to av a butchers 🙂



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  1. February 25, 2010 / 3:34 am

    GOOD LUCK with the open house…love the watercolours and the pumps! Looking forward to your series…

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