a down day :(

So today, I’ve been in a wee bit of  a crappy mood…i am really notsure why, my boyfriend made me breakfast in bed and we watched a film took it easy even though i was meant to be in uni, i decided i couldn’t and to be honest with you i havent felt like going to uni for this whole term..

my work is suffering big time…inspiration run dry me thinks…so from now on i’ve decided to do a drawing everyday for my project and you know what if that is not good enough then fuck knows what is and to be honest i couldn’t give a toss!

Im just feeling stressed i think coz im pretty unsure about my future and im not gonna lie freaks me out a wee bit, i did think about the MA but i dont think that will be happening, i think i want to be a freelance illustrator a fashion one..but i dunno how to get my foot in the door which kinda puts me back a bit, i am applying to the magazines themselves so hopefully fingers X’s

I am hoping also to, do a few competions and exhibtions…so hopefully all will be well, not many people are worried about their futures in my 3rd year!?!?! so im a little confused as to why i am… but i guess it will work out

Anyway enough with the self-indulged boring crap 🙂


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  1. February 6, 2010 / 3:22 am

    well i wish you luck with everything ,,, everything will turn out well .. <3 alisha

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