new stuff!

So i have now done 2 paintings i am working on the second atm, it is of the a sketch i have done previously, i will post an image of the work soon…. i haven’t completed it yet….work in progress 🙂 it is going ok, i am very pleased with it atm watch this space..

Also me and a couple of friends are thinking of applying for a arts grant and set up our own community arts fund…somewhere either in bristol or london. It will benefit the disables and poor, i want to teach old people to paint 😀 how sad am i hahaha i live for it 🙂 so we are setting up a draft application atm so hopefully pretty soon we shall have a hefty sum of £100,000 in our pockets to start this lovely idea 🙂 happy times.

OOOOOO p.s. disseration hand in tomorrow!


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