‘Nevertheless’ Open house exhibtion 25/02/10

So today saw the private view of ‘Nonetheless’ open hose exhibtion held at 4 Tresawna Terrace, Falmouth Thursday 25th – 28th February. Organised by Kitty Kovacevic and Charlotte jackman, it was such a great atmosphere to be surrounded by so many friends and fellow artists, and i have never recieved so much genuine praise for my work, i was selling my cards and necklace i sold a few cards, some people were telling me it was ”very professional” which really shocked me but has made me realise that yes i do have the potential i just need more confidence in my ability so i have taken a few pics for everyone to share the joy that was the Nonetheless’ exhibtion 🙂 ENJOY!

Charlotte JackmanHarriet Lee-Merrion

Holly spenceCatherine Lambert


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