there is a life after the dissertation….

So finally i found my inspiration, while listening to mumford and sons and drinking lots of tea made by my lovely boyfriend. i ahve started to draw people in my large drawings in my sketchbook style…i’ve had sucha brain block due to my stoooopid dissertation which all i have to do now is proper reference it and bind it and then i can hand it in and go a wee bit crazy :)…

Hopefully in febuary………. i’ve been emailing magazines and one has got back to me with some freelance illustration ideas and how to work together so this is a great start to feb..trying to buile the old portfolio up for jobs and maybe future ventures into the art world 🙂 talking of art world had a weee lecture today about artists resedencies and art competions even though i have been selected and have exhibited in diffrent place and exhibtion venues i still feel lacking in experince and sometimes it is weird doin my fine art course, and not having really anyone to work with, its good to talk to people about work and i am really inspired always by my friend kelly-rose she is sucha great person…and she is always right :)…

Im currently working hard in the old sketch book and gaining sooo much inspiration from fashion, especially the blogs that are about, Nylon is the best magazine ever in the world, and it would be sucha banging thing if i could illustrate for it…EVERYBODY IS ALLOWED TO DREAM RIGHT!?? 🙂


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