01 Sorry for not really talking about what i have been upto recently, i’ve been apllyin for jobs many many jobs, notsure if they are graduate jobs but what the heck i applied, i applied for 2 bbc jobs, one was for radio cornwall and the other was an art presenting job, me presenting i dont think soo…haha. I’ve applied for the what i think to be one of the best art, craft shop in falmouth, which i’ve applied for a saturday job at the shop tyto. i think i created the best cv ever for the job 🙂

If you are ever in falmouth please visit they have so much fab stuff
Discovery Quay
3 Tidemill House, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3XP
01326 313 260

02 so i finally applied for my MA at falmouth to do illustration, which i hopefully would be able to deferr a year, kinda left it a bit late but never mind, i am also applying for the princes drawing school, its a free postgraduate course so i have been finishing my sketchbooks because i have stupidly lost my favourite sketchbook tis nowhere to be found i hope no one has stolen it from me.

03 Spitafields and columbia road market. This place was absolutley fab me and dad went up town yesterday, so i could by some art stuff, if any of my readers are from london or ever vist you have to go to the east end of town where my family are from, the vintage markets that are on bricklane are such a feast for the eyes, to be honest i didnt buy anything because it was a wee bit pricey but it was so inspirational, the patterned wooley jumpers, piles of vintage leather shoes filled the market….I was in pure heaven.

Quote of the day

“Jesus was well into his thirties

before he really did anything,

so I shouldn’t be too worried.”

Ville Valo


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