the biggest shopping center ever!!!

001. To start the day off, i went with my brother to westfields shopping center which has 265 shops, the biggest cinema in the uk and 3 shops that you wont find anywhere else in the world!!! anyway we got lost on the way there he missed the turning on the A40 and ended up in the arse end of paddington which was nice, i joke it was a wee adventure. Went around some shops and was shocked at the prices of topshop, zara and the rest of the commercial world. And now i realised why my mum laughed at me when i asked if there was any charity shops! I am all for topshops loveliness but when it is the size of a small palace and charging more for the clothes then i think its a bit of a joke. On a happier note i did have a wander about and got some ideas for handmade things, shells are gonna be a big accessory, got that in the bag already. I saw a jumper with little bobbles, my mate bought a jumper like that from a charity shop and cut off all the bobbles and gave them to me to sew on my jumper so i have that in the bag lol!! SO much lace!! i love it!

I bought a simple skirt from Zara for £7.99 which isnt to bad, it has flowers on and it goes with, most of my stuff and to be honest my brother pesterd me into getting it, i wanted the black one but nevermind!

002. Made my little brothers 18th birthday present a painting of me and him when we were little and i realised after looking at the painting for 3hours that he has the smallest eyes i have ever seen on a human being! but i love him more then words could ever say 🙂

003. Found an old jumper i bought from camden about 5years ago so i decided that i couldn’t bring myself to pay £50 for a topshop jumper so i would make my own, got my sewing kit, broken jewellery and beads and i’ve spent the rest of the evening whatching films and sewing, whilst looking after mum and her neon broken leg.

004. I have also created one-off handmade hair clips bows made from vintage lace and velvet, buttons and old bits of jewellery, these are for the d.i.y section of my zine, theya re pretty simply made, i did this because i wanted the readers to be able to make it with little effort and much affect.


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