Same today waiting in for my ticket home to be deliver, also i am kinda cacking my pants about going to the shop they are gonna sell my work and work out commison and stuff..i have no idea about percentage and i think what i have workied out is right but i wont hold my breath!

working my bum off trying to do some work formy tutorial tomorrow but i dont think it will go to good just coz once again i havent dun what it was i set out to achieve was meant to do a book about shoes but just decided to scrap that i feel abit floaty abit out of it work wise no idea what it is im trying to achieve or aim for…..

its just pure stress atm i dont feel like i am really ever gonna do good on this course nad i only have like 10weeks left on it and then the real world beckon…o fuck!! thats all i cna think about when i relaise the extent of the time i have left… i guess i go home in uder 6 days so theres summin to be slightly happy about… work my bollocks of till then and lets see where that get hey!


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  1. March 9, 2010 / 3:24 pm

    Hi ella, it sounds like you're having a little bit of a crisis! If its any consolation I think you have nothing to worry about! I really like your work, its really great! Maybe you've just hit a brick wall. It happens, but keep at it, I'm sure it will all become crystal clear soon! 🙂

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