i love jumpers!

001. This is the jumper that i have chosen to use in my final degree show, got it from bricklane vintage market, i shall upload the pics of my trip tomorrow. I am planning on creating a book about the life of this jumper, and how hidden within the knitted jumper, lies the hardship of life, love, freedom, failure and truth. The images on the jumper i think show this aswell people, sunlight, love, life=trees lol. it was a fair bit of dollar!but im happy now just to start on the book.

002. These are my new creations inspired by my trip out today, i bought the scraps of leather off some strange guy today in spitalfields, out of a trolley while my little brothers prettened to use the gold leather as pants…. good look, these are hand stitched by me and are avaliable on ellabear & Joseph both 1 offs! I will be making more of these im currently working on a bear and a jumper ♥


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