possibly one of the best days at uni ever.. the untamed tiger

As geeky as it sounds, i went to a lecture at uni that was about illustration linked in with MA illustration it was just fab!

There was just so much goin on i want to write about it alot more after i have cleaned my room…..

so the artists/illustrators that came along for the talk were

Amelia Johnstone

Bill Bragg

Graham Rawle

Jonathon Rosen

Matthew Richardson

Anna Bhushan

Andrew Foster

David Kerr

they were all pretty cool, i think my favourite illustrator was hard to pick out of all of them i like the work of Anna Bhushan the most, but the personalities of Graham Rawle, Andrew Foster and Matthew Richardson were great it really opened my eyes to the possiblities of illustration, and i learnt alot about how to sell and feature you work in mags, galleries and personal work, each artist talked about there work for nearly an hour and i have it all on dictaphone…which i can play back for my leisure 🙂


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  1. March 12, 2010 / 6:33 pm

    sounds fantastic! i love hearing lectures on my area of interest, they are really fascinating, and very helpful

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