todays inspiration….

001. Well to begin with today i went with my to the hospital in our lovely new little peugot 205 i’ve named it cherry, mum wanted to call it maud…anyway had some good news about her broken leg it is healing well, so she should be out of her cast in 4 weeks 🙂

002. so after the hospitail i went charity shop shopping, i really needed to find a paterned icelandic style jumper, because i really need one for my degree show book, i couldnt fine one, so i wne to in search of other cool things, and on my travels between about six charity shops, which were kind of expensive i discovered 2 lovely necklaces and a plain flowery top, one of the necklaces turns out to be 24 karate gold which i gave to my mum not realising what it was made of only cost me 99p which was well good and she loves it so thats an added bonus and the other necklace i’ve got is a brooch/ necklace and it has a hand painted bunch of flowers on the front tis rather lovely i kind thought worth 99p 🙂 i dont often talk about fashion or the things i wear, coz sumtimes it can be boring, bit weird for sumone who is inspired by fashion to think that way, but sometimes it can be a wee bit vain? but i dunno im gonna give it a go and see what happens.

003. As i talked about in the enrtry above, i want an amazing icelandic patterned jumper to draw and im going to base a book around it, create a graphic novel about, the people that wear the jumper, places, things that happened because i didnt want my work to be like fashion illuatration and i thiught if i could make the object obvious but second to the people that own it then i think it would be far more indepth and have more scoop. i really really want a vintage white one with patterns i came across the best jumper i have ever ever seen it had numbers and animals knitted all the way across it, it was £25, but i think when i go back up to spital fields or bricklane im gonna pay that coz it will inspire me for at least till the end of my degree…so i plan on making a book.

004. A friend from university is doing a project on awarness of alcohol and young children, she asked if she could use one of my paintings, jumped at the chance and this is the result. Mine is the red bottle on the far right, the designs are done by Casey Hennessy head over to her blog. They are pretty banging.


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