the importance of music…..

+01 So its back to the norm again, over the last couple of days i’ve been so busy making parcels for people, cards letters and trying to get my illustration work done ekk!! 3weeks to complete it and get it printed professionally :), i went into the libary to day at uni and paid offf my £4.30 fine…im so unorganised but i came across some well lush books, Importance of music to girls, and biba books. I have also been re-united with my boyfriend after 5weeks of being away from each other, it trully has felt like forever and the past 2 days have been great. Student loan went in aswell and i bought a lovely little dress from newlook for £2 i would post pics but i feel rather fat but on a happier note…well a boring note, ive bought a new journal its well lovely..

+02 i also quit my job today..i just couldnt cope with the pressure of degree show and working during the week, ive got another week left, i also did some damage to my right hand a few weeks agao and its just flared up and i dont want have to have it made worst by doing something i can avoid from now on…i did feel really bad and guilty for leaving but what can you do it ran its course. Also i painted 4 more paintings today which i am really rather happy about, shoes and roses were todays theme. I shall take some pictures tomorrow… share with the world.

 +03 So this is the lovely sadie’s wardrobe her blog is gorgeous, her blog is really inspiring me at the moment especially this photograph i actually asked for her permisson to use the photograph because i thought it was so lovely, it  really reminds me of the late 60’s early 70’s photography that i have been looking at for my project. The colours on the jumper and the knitt are lovely i have totally become engrossed with jumpers. Her look has really inspired the characters of my 1970’s book.



  1. April 20, 2010 / 10:07 pm

    its sucha lush book, really great for the project im doing atm 🙂 x

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