Top: newlook-via heart foundation charity shop

                                                            Skirt: Zara
                                                      Belt: Beyond Retro
                                                      Ring: Market stool

 +01 ok so i am offically shit at taking pictures of myself! i’ve been trying to take pictures of my outfit today and it just hasn’t happened they are awful! im setting up a better place to take pics tomorrow when i have more time i have a floral background 🙂 so whatch this space. I left my tripod back home in london so im going to have to purchase another one..which is a bit poo but hey ho or a cheaper idea is to get the boy to take the photos…its just finding the time in the day to take the pics..

+02 Re-discovered these beauties, original Mary Quant original fancy stockings from the 60’s i bought them off ebay not long ago, they are really good quality and they come packed in a really cute packaging the colour of the stockings are lovely and they are really helping me gain inspiration towards my book…eek! i must get on with it reather then taking pictures of myself!



  1. April 22, 2010 / 7:43 am

    those tights are lovely. and i really like the belts together! nice outfit!


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