Fashion meets illustration meets interview

+01Any fashion savay person should no about the wonderful illustrative work of Daisy de Villeneuve, i just just discoverd that Daisy de Villeneuve has an exhibtion at the moment at liberty happy days.

I discover this through style bubble, i have loved Daisy work ever since she was featured in TeenVouge about 5 years ago, and i’ve aspired to be as  good as her ever since…havent actually got there yet :(, her felt tip teen portraits are brightly coloured and sharp, her books ‘He said, She said’ is a great mondern illustrated book, filled with hand-drawn quirky images and text.  

Her work mixes pop art and the ripped out diary extracts from a angst teen, de Villeneuve work has adorned fashion ads, shoebox tops, clothing, and now her own line of housewares is an inspiration to any artist/illustrator, she also has a sister poppy de Villenevue who is an amazing photography, she is well known for her shoots for designers like Zac posen, she is also a film maker aswell as an photographer

 With a mother that was a model and a father that was a fashion photographer there was no doubt what either sister was going to go into.

+02 I hadn’t realised how lovely the tights were in H&M, i bought (well my brother did) a double pack of black 40 Denier tights boring but a staple £4.99 which i thought wasnt bad considering i bought some from primark the other day for £2.50 and they are awful, they cut into me and are itchy, but the H&M tights are pretty soft and well fitting the only thing is that i have freakishly small feet and they are a wee bit baggy at the feet but anyway also got a £2.99 skirt bought for me body con style id been looking for one for some time so i was quite happy with that, i dont really buy many clothes i feel far too guilty, because i dont think that people should really buy clothes to make themselves feel, or look better. 

+03 I asked the wonderful julia pott if i could interview her for my zine Ooh Fudge which i have been working on, im so busy atm, but…..she said yes so i just sent her my interview questions i am very nervous because she is such a big inspiration to me and the fact that she said yes is the best thing that has happend to me to day i got in contact with her via formspring. If you have never seen Julia’s work before you are trully missing out shes worked with bat for lashes for christ sake!!!  i have blogged about her before, check her blog out julia pott. Im so excited about this interview i can not contain myself :). And i would like to thank julia publicly for saying yes 🙂 x


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