Give away 100…

+01 Im hoping to do a giveaway wen i reach 100 followers, it shall either be a piece of jewellery or a set of my cards….or maybe something diffrent im still not really sure…..

+02 i have with the help of LLY MLRS blog and a few emails to the lovely lady herself,  come up with the name of the zine….finally something that will reflect the content….wait for it ….. EVER HIP! there i’ve said it after not knowing if it should be called Ooh fudge which frankly along the lines of sounding alot like Ooh shit! i changed the name because i want this 20 page zine to be given some respect, it will be show casing interviews, features, art work, music, maybe a free thing or two and lots of photographs, lily herself, kitty valentine and the loveyly Julia pott will be contributing their time for interviews and art work. EVER HIP will not be ready and published till very late april, when i will be running a limited edition of i think 50, 5 zines will be put into a give awaynd this will be metioned, and 5 to the contributers, and 40 will be avaliable through my folksy site, and i will send a limited print set to lily to do with as she wishes.
+ if anyone fancies contributing artwork, events etc for the may EVER HIP please contact me through my blog or email.



  1. April 10, 2010 / 11:11 pm

    all the best on your creativity.

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