into the dark.

+01 so this is a wee experiment of one of my pages from my book, below is an extract from still working onit…so…

‘I sit and watch the rain hit the window Payne in the coffee shop it comes down in sheets here not drops, the colours and patterns blur outside, people turn into masses of melting colours and flashes of light.  The window is steamed up, I slowly write words and images in the moisture, hello. The water drops onto my hand, I sit for a little while longer staring at the umbrellas’ and coloured rain Macs. The coffee shop lady starts to move closer while she is sweeping up I get the hint and slowly put my coat on and step into the dark.

It would be great to know what people think..?

+02 spent the rest of the day in the studio again its looking a right mess im a bit bored of being a 3rd year now i have no life at all, its just about art and illustration which i guess really isn’t a bad thing but i get so distracted by everything just spent the last 2 hours in the libary readung past issuess of NYLON , sucha bloody distraction! And to add to the stress i’ve left my phone at Joes so i havent been able to get in contact with my mum…had a well weird dream i called joe my mum and damanded that he got me my asthma inhaler…this stress is turning me loopy i tell ya!

+03 The EVER HIP! zine is stressing me out far to much atm, but it should be complete at the end of the month, i just have so much illustration work on the go atm…so fingers crossed it will be complete before may? eeek!


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