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+01 Im feeling a wee bit vain with all the blogs about fashion and myself, i wish i could put some of my art work up, its good for me to hide behind my art work, i thought i might put a extract from my new book i am creating because i dont have a scanner to scan any of my drawings in i thought writing would be good?

“So when I discovered this battered old sketchbook, on the side of a table in the canteen, I didn’t realise how much about myself I would discover, the depth of my soul, that I had not yet found.  It was just a normal Thursday lunch time and well there was no difference between now and yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary, until I Looked up and noticed this girl with read hair, so bright like a Pre-Raphaelite painting, Dante would be proud of. I think that’s what made me focus my attention on her, until she looked up, as if she knew I was staring at her. Then she quickly shuffled her papers and books together through them in her brown leather bag and was gone out the door, I had seen her about before. But to be honest I had never really paid much attention……”

“She had been drawing me for day’s even weeks, the exact exquisite execution of her drawings.  I was well known for being observant and sketching and drawing people, but once you’ve been captured on paper its kind of weird, like this artist owns apart of you fro that split second you were sat there drinking a tea, a moment that you didn’t capture, a moment that is quickly forgotten”

So what do people reckon to these extracts from my new book? It would be great to get feed back i know its not much doesnt give to much away about the story but i’ve only written a wee bit

+02 According to google anayltics no one has visited my blog in over a month..? i think its a wee bit broken or im just rather unloved 🙁


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