So today i had a wee trip up town to bricklane again, i went with my little brother to find a suit, but my brother and shopping really dont mix at all he found the perfect suit jacket but didnt fit the bottoms, and because it was a clearence shop, we left empty handed. This trully knackered me out but along the way i realised that alot of shops are sooo over priced, playsuits were exstutionate, in absoulte vintage, £30-40 is soo expensive, i am not dothe vintage shops anymore, im sticking to my roots i think and im aiming for more charity shop trewlling.

I have also been thinking of doing a room/clearence sale from my bedroom in falmouth, i think i will be selling, clothes, picture frames, work and other random things that lurk in my bedroom 🙂 so watch this space, and also i will be posting a few vintage items up on here for sale, if anyone fancies getting or wanting any of my clothes

I am not the best with typography but….i have been working on painted type, kind of in a circus style font, also working out a storyboard for my novel that is inspired by the 1970’s i wrote about five thousand words for it, but then i decided to change what it was i was writing so, im back down to three and half thousand words, working hard, on the dialogue between my main character Lily and Iris, i still need to create the character for the 1970’s women, im notsure yet what the character will be in the bok but its a mystery, that links two girls that barely know each other to a 60 year old women that could just help them discover themselves, i wnat it to be a coming of age fashion inspired graphic novel…if that makes sense…???

I am currently becoming very obssessed with typography as a fine art student, this is very un-healthy but as an illustrator im happy, becuase im feeling soo inspired today. i discoverd these bold, strong and inspirational type, i have never really looked into it much but i think i am going to try and mix alot of aesthetically pleasing imagery with historically correct information and type from that era, i have been pestering mum and dad, about everything 70’s i wasnt born then but they were…tending to forget about their fashion faux pas, but its been really great, from buying a knitted jumper on a market…to all these possiblities that have to be completed within 6 weeks i cannot breath for fear of fucking up and loosing this inspiration.

Figure 1. One way to get the feel of any period in graphic design is to look at the logos of the era. Here, from the book Trademarks of the ’60s & ’70s by Tyler Blik, are a few that capture much of the ’70s atmosphere. Bold type, hard lines, outlines, and swashes were common ways to “beef up” otherwise simple designs. The PBS logo was designed in 1976, the Kiss logo in 1974, the two bottom logos in 1976, and the Avant Garde magazine logo in 1967. I’ve included it here because until 1970 Avant Garde (designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnese) was an exclusive design to the magazine. But in 1970 it was released as a commercial product and quickly became the defining typeface of the ’70s decade.


Figure 2. Thanks to popular designs such as Harlow, Mistral, and Kalligraphia, bold and three-dimensional scripts became very popular in the ’70s. Here, a hand-drawn logo for the first album from British new-wave band the Fabulous Poodles



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    Didn't know where else to put this but I'M YOUR HUNDRETH FOLLOWER!!!

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    I know i know! thank you i love your blog!! i might just send you something from my company ellabear and joseph for being the 100th follower 🙂 if you email me your adress il get something sent to you xxxxxxxall my love xxx

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