This and that! after my absolutley disatrous day that was easter, lack of chocolate…lack of pretty much any ambition in my life whats so ever, i am pretty determined to get alot of things up and running again. Things at home are pretty hard at the moment and most of my creative energy has been sucked out of me and that includeds pretty much all my ambition, but i get glimers of hope…like getting sent a code for lookbook, from the lovely lily this really massivily cheered me up, i havent actually put up any photos of looks just because i havent had anytime and i just about found my tripod, after the disater of my dads snapping in half yesterday under the wait of the sofa! typical in my house 🙂

+02. Iam in a very experimental mood and it 00.38 in the morning, i am nocturnal i swear, i get the itchy finger art situation after 9pm its not good when the rest of the house go to bed at 10.30pm..i am pretty much at a cross roads in my life, i am applying for a postgrade at the prince’s drawing school on tuesday, im going with a mate of mine, and im soo notsure if it what i really want to do, i know deep down that i want my own shop and is it really worth wasting my money on travel expenses to brick lane everyday if i get on the course when i could be putting it into my buissness? Im soo confused of what to do….

+03. and here come another dilema of my degree show…ok so i bought the perfect jumper for the story but i just have no spark…no inspiration arghhh! fuck it! it’ll come imsure of it

+04. And here comes the good party im looking forward to shopping on wednesday ive decided im going to go charity shopping my favourite ever past time! i just wish my mum could come sooo badly shes the best charity shoper ever, but she in plaster for another 3weeks and i go back to falmouth in 1 and half weeks… i did get her this really great necklace for 99p from oxfam that actually turns out to be well old and 24 carat gold! winner!!

+05. Oh yeah and i have sucha lovely boyfriend who i would like to publicly apologise to for being mean to earlier..we have kinda decided that we both want to take our buisness venture further.. and we are considering making old furniture pretty again and living in a bus my mothers dream! 🙂 Also there will be a photoshoot of my new necklaces that i have handmade from leather. That i blogged about earlier in the week. Teacups and hearts 🙂



  1. May 8, 2010 / 9:55 pm

    your hair is so beautiful!

  2. November 5, 2010 / 5:03 pm

    What's your lookbook link? Lucky u!

    Love your drawings, so cute and whimsical!

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