Too deep to hang on…

‘we may loose 
we may win
but we will never be here again’

-The Eagles

+01 This little poem an illustration are by my lovely boyfriend Joseph holder, it will be featuring in our EVER HIP! zine, im notsure if he will be totally happy that i have put it up on here, he seemed really shy yesterday when i read it, whilst on the phone to him 🙂 the
illustrations are really good. This is a sneek peek at one of the pages. 

+02 Sorry that this post is a total miss-mash of, images, text and musings my head has been all over the place today, i  spent half the day looking after mum and baking and the rest of the day cooking and sitting the sun, whilst illustrating my, im still really notsure if to set it in the 1970’s or the 1950’s?! Oh what a pickle i am in! I will be uploading some work tomorrow my cable and camera didnt work today…


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