+01 Lastnight had a power cut for 5 hours when i was watching sophie Dahl 🙁 so we grab a load of candels and we sat around the living in the dark and i evently wrote some of my book, i’ve decided to base it around a girl who follows another girl that wears this jumper and then she discovers that their lives are intwined in many ways…its to do with the everyday.

+02 I recieved a parcel from my boyfriend yesterday, it was filled with lovely chocolate eggs and a wee bunny, i would take a photography but i think i would be quite boring because i’ve devoured the chocolate the only thing that would be in the picture would be empty chocolate wrappers im a fatty 🙂

+03 Oooh yesterday i went up london, it was a lovely little trip with me and  debz i dont think she had ever been to that part of town before so everything was a mystery to her endless vintage shops and i mean endless, even though they were drastically over priced it was good to have a look around, found some really lovely moccasin shoes, they were blue and cream in a vintage shop just off bricklane on the way to beyond retro, and if anyone whos in london, wants some boots, military boot, moccasin, then you need to head to the vintage shop on the corner of Grimsby street on bricklane its a bright pink shop, manquins that have squirle heads, then shop assisant is pretty cool heavily tattooed with a really rather large moustache


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