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+01 so todays inspirtion consists of fashion from the 1960’s and 70’s for my characters in my new book above is the singer and fashion icon marianne faithfull, im not going to do a bio of her life i just wanted to share with my lovely followers about the types of things that inspire me to draw. From a very young age i was encouraged to draw every thing and anything, i use to love sitting with my granma and drawing fashion illustration, she is an amazing artist, her style is still stuck in the 1950’s fashion illustration but thats what i really love about my granma’s art..and that really inspires me she once drew me a wedding dress about 10years ago very early i was only 11 but it was amazing with flowers and a veil, al very lovely, its her birthday to day, i think she is 84 today which is pretty neat seeing as she has smoked 30 fags a day since being 16…anyway

I just love this photograpgh i discoverd it on flickr its from a 1972 vogue, there is something very glamourous about this. Its annoying that it is not in colour im searching for patterns and historically correct fashion. Sewing patterns are the best way i have to find out what it was the average pesron was wearing and making, because alot of people back then made their own clothes so it gives a really good insight into what was fashionable, below are some of my favourite finds

Even though emma watsons knickers are on show this dress is beautiful, sorry about the quality of the photo the dress is a vintage Ossie Clark it has an amazing plunging neckline and a rather large slit in the front of the dress it is beautiful, Ossie clark is an amazing fashion designer, he was at his peek in the 1970’s i suggest if know one knows of his work please search for it.


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  1. May 4, 2010 / 7:22 am

    Oh i love Emma's dress, really stunning but not over powering with the colours.Great post

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