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+01 I really love discovering new work by artists, and inspirational work. It really spurs me onto want to create more and more. So flickr Faves for today are at the top. Take from it what you will. Im loving the fashion side of things atm more then drawing i think, but i am really loving being given the free reigns on my book. I really dont think it will look all that professional seeing as i am finding it hard to get to grips with photoshop and all the things i want to do with the pages.

+02 After yesterdays good news i’m a little bit underwhelmed to be honest not many of my friends have congratulated me, my family is 340 miles away, my boyfriend had the hump with me for some stoopid stroppy reason. So i decided todays post going to be positive, because i have realised that there are alot of people out there that just aren’t worth my time getting upset out. I need really atm to focus on myself and get my work to ‘perfection’ as my tutor called  it  :), which was really lovely.

 +03 on a far more happier note, i have discovered some lovely old bits of jewellery, that i will making into a one- off necklace, it includeds a vintage glass bottle, a feather and other lovely random things. I will hopefully be making it today, on my lunch break.
I hope you guys like what i make. I wont be creating the give away until i get to 200 followers because i am so busy atm with university work, but i finish in 2 weeks, and a few days, so i will be free from there on.  Here is a wee taster this is what the bottle  looks like and..i will be filling it up with something notsure yet keep your eyes peeled.

+04 Today i have come to realisation that i think i shouldn’t blog as much whilst, my degree work is still on the go. So I am going to reduce the amount of posts i do just because i do not want to fail this degree. I would like to thank a handful of very loyal blogers, that are very kind to me about my work. You know who you are :), i am always very grateful to their support and kind words.


+05 So this is what i have been working on the final illustration for my book it is of the main character Elsa, she is abit of a geek, hence the buddy holly style glasses im very please with the final illustration but, it may change, i will be making prints of all the illustrations or the ones that i thinka re good enough, and they will be selling at the exhibtion, because i dont just want to put a book into the exhibiton coz its a fine art degree show i want to give the viewer something to look at i think. In the Elsa illustration im notsure if im liking the amount of forehead? I’ve had a bit of a down day, but i like the fact of being an artist and having all this pent up anger or upset makes me put it into the work and the result is this…makes me realise it is worthwhile. Iam currently writing this in my studio which is a tip atm but it can be a bit lonely…I have some hot chocolate and Ellie Goulding playing in my ears so all is good.
I will post up tomorrow my final cut of illustrations that i have put through photoshop i’ve done all the layouts and how i want it to look, i just hope my vision fits the outcome eek! lets hope 🙂



  1. May 12, 2010 / 3:22 pm

    it pains me how much i love your blog! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! keep going! i always look forward to your drawings.

  2. May 13, 2010 / 3:33 pm

    wonderful! like always 🙂

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