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+01 So todays Flickr Faves come from my inspiration for the week, things that make me happy, things that are pretty, things that i don’t have to think about, i have had a very challenging week. Where i have found out things about myself that i didn’t think that i had inside myself. The moment i recieved that email about the Alexander McQueen interview, i felt that i hadn’t got onto things, for a reason, i hadnt got on the princess drawing school for a reason, i deferred my course for a reason. For once i believed in my own fate, something that i had never really believed before. But when i was sat on the bench outside their headquarters (mcqueen) i was content, i was free of nerves, self-doubt and worry. I am a very ambitious person i think? well everything i have ever really gone for has gone well. I felt for that moment, sitting on that bench like all the things that i had worked hard for all my life, were meant to be, i was meant to be there. I have never really felt like that before and i cant trully explain it, even though i knew that i might not get that placement, the trip felt like i had to do it, to prove to myself that sometimes in life chances are given and they have to be taken, good or bad they have to be made. The thing that made me realise that my hard work paid off, and self doubt was for a good thing was, the top designer loved my work, i didnt even have to explain it, she said it was amazing. I do not mean to aound like i am bragging, it was a major high point that i want to share, and make other people who think they are not worthy of these amazing things when you are, just apply like i did take your fate and freedom into your own hands, because at the end of the day to make it in life you have to set your own path. 

+02 I am now back from london and i am back in sunny falmouth to enjoy my last week in the studio, which is going to be so manic i might just die of stress! lets hope not…well what have i got to complete binding my book, ordering my buissness cards, finishing my quotes, portfolio, journal…and ermm…brain can’t think but i have tonnes to do. 

+03 I have this really far fetched idea of wanting to create a fashion label, filled with illustrated items of clothing, i love the work of Caitlin Shearer, i have talked about her work before but this is were i gained my inspiration for this idea from.

Beautiful fine illustrations on beautiful fine material, i think that i want to aim to either be a fashion illustrator or to run my own designs…i sooo want to do this so i have asked the wonderful llymrls maybe we could come up with some wonderful, items of clothing, graphic tops, and skirts…its an idea!?

+04 And i have finally decided to do chictopia & properly becuase recently i just havent found the time to do any clothes posts and i have been feeling a bit fugly so i thought it wouldb’t be a good time to share my looks when i felt like this, and i guess now that i will be working for Alexander McQueen i have to be a wee bit more fahionable, this is the only thing that worries me!


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