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Spring 2010/2011

+01 These looks are really inspirational, i love the shape of the first image, i found these photographs on Studded heart

Karolyn Adrieu

+02 I just love Karolyn Adrieu’s work, is really lovely, i decided to show you her drawing of Alexa Chung because i know pretty much all of you love her, i kinda do too. She mainly draws portraits if famous people, but im pretty sure i have seen some of her workfeatured in NYLON but i’m not too sure i could be wrong its lovely though. Go visit her blog and grab some inspiration…

+03 Now onto some lovely jewellery, these ear pieces/cuffs are just amazing, but maria nilsdotter I believe these to be out of the price range for any normal human being but i’m sure, that the creative person in me could come up with something just as good but hand-made. They are beautiful though, I’ve always been into really alternative jewellery, I’m obsessed, i own over 150 silver rings varying in age, antique, family heirlooms. I also have a massive and i mean massive collection of pendants for necklaces. I’m a massive order a little bit like a magpie if i see anything that us shiny and silver I’ll Nab it and take it away and put it into one of my many over-filled jewellery boxes.

+04 I’m purely putting these pictures up because i love both outfits i might take these sorts of patterns and integrate them into some sort of watercolour painting. This is Erin Wasson for paper magazine 2010 im loving the vintage looking dotty swimsuit perfect combintation.

+05 So this image is from Vogue april 2010, i love the balck and white stripes it reminds me of illustration work by Caitlin Shearer


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  1. May 9, 2010 / 10:17 am

    lots of inspiration to go on here, esp love the set design for the catwalk shots and the celeb illustrations. the jacket looks great

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