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+01 So today consisted of me cacking my pants about my Ma interview and having an argument about the Tories, and in between this doing lots of work 🙂 i think i am coming down with something..oo maybe the flu this can not happen in the last 3weeks of my degree i must not get ill my mantra for the weeks to come. Today was very hard after the bad news i didn’t get into the princes drawing school yesterday, i went to my interview positive, friendly and open. I was very surprised when the head of the MA illustration at falmouth said i was very entrepreneurial? with my work and business, was really really nerve racking and very tiring but i am so pleased i went i wasn’t going to bother but you must  grab every opportunity.  I received a phone call from the university saying that i had a parcel at reception that had been delivered my first instinct was bad…but it turns out my lovely mummy had sent me a boxes of choccies and a teddy bear for after my interview to cheer me up to say how proud they were of me. It put a massive smile on my face i was a wee bit embarrassed walking back into my studio clutching a bear and a purple box, i shared the choccies.

+02 About 2 weeks ago i sent a package to a friend that i met through the blogging world her name is Lily melrose or as most people know her as llymrls, and its a really small world, because shes from the same place my boyfriend is and went to school with his brother, but anyway i decided to send her a lovely little package, just because…

im so glad she liked it…i might send some more packages out to people just for the fun off it, but maybe this time around by recorded delivery because royal mail suck! i went to the post office coz lily hadn’t received the package and it had been sat in a tray for like a whole week! the silly sausages. Anyway, this has made me think that i need to start taking a few more commissions so if anyone is interested in handmade cards, one offs, or maybe a wee portrait just lemme know get in contact drop me a line and i would be happy to discuss price and techniques.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to so many of my followers and not just my followers but randomers (lovely people) that leave messages on my blog that i am really grateful for the wondrous, lovely and kind words that get said about my work…it means a hell of alot to me 🙂 so thank you  and also i think you should head over to lily’s blog, if you want wondrous things that’s where you will find it.

p.s. i will upload pics of my day when i’ve charged my camera.

+03 i have decided what my next tattoo is going to be…wait for it..I’ll get it done obvious alot smaller, on my wrist just like my other one my lovely swallow one i had done about 4 years ago.



  1. May 7, 2010 / 4:59 pm

    i totally like! ur awesome 🙂

  2. May 7, 2010 / 7:58 pm

    you have an AMAZING blog, seriously – i love it!
    love the first quote.
    i found your blog from lily's because i fell in love with everything you sent her! mail is so fun 🙂
    & i really like your next tattoo!

    have a good day

    xo tiffany

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