Festival fashion

Damn emails i just went to my hotmail inbox to find an email from glastonbury festival, why are they tormenting me with their wonderful line-up i went last year and yeah it was good but, i dunno i have a feeling that this year would be ten-times better if i went! Also its the 40th anniversary and i wanna see stevie wonder is it to much to ask really!?

Talking about festivals, festival fashion is always a must look during the summer, my attier from last years festival consisted of pink leopard print childerns wellies, denim mini and a top because my tent broke thus when it rained it created a paddling pool size swamp at the bottom of my bloody tent rendering all my clothes unwearable!

 Look at the mass of hair, god i love dry shampoo!

We all know that the foot wear for festivals is wellies, and god you will need them after days of trudging through mud, sick and other un-godly things you will need trusty foot wear i came across a fashionable website that were saying you will only need to wear gladiators, espidrilles, go for hunters or cheapo wellies.

Also there are some wonderful outfits to be worn at festivals think short, baggy tops, cardis and straw boaters.

There are so many outfits people could copy to look good at a festival but the main thing is to experiment with vintage and new stuff and just have fun soak up the atmosphere, dont get too drunk, make sure you take hygenic hand wash becasue the plop and drops as i loving called them at glasto are evil places 😛 .



  1. June 20, 2010 / 6:22 pm

    haha those middle ones a funny. my mates off to glasto this year but he's an idiot and just does the drugs stuff, the festival is wasted on him! yeah stevie baby!

    maybe next year eh

  2. June 20, 2010 / 7:14 pm

    I love festival fashion. Great post, it's really inspired me! Love your blog, your really talented!

    Stacey xx

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