week in slices.

This is my week in photos and sketchbook work. I is slowly dawning on me that i will have to move hundreds of miles away from my beloved this makes me sooo sad, its horrible to have to do long distant relastionships sad times but i guess i can have a winderous time with him until we have to leave. I have also just applied to be a creative assistant at topshop no idea what it is but i thought why the hell not!

Me and joe have been looking at renting a shop and we have discovered one in falmouth for £8,000 p.a which isnt bad so i plan to save and work until i get my dream!!!!

On a far more scarier note i get my degree results on monday and i am so scared its unbelieveable i cant even think about it!


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  1. June 20, 2010 / 6:24 pm

    moving away is scary but very exciting and exhilirating too. plus long dis relationships aren't that bad, i mean, your coming back aren't you. worked find for us!

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