boats and shorts

So recently i was asked by Ellie of pretty much Penniless to create some lovely illustrations for her lovely blogsite, I decided to start the title first using watercolours my favourite meduim. Here is what i have created so far….

So this is the first draft of the comission, that i have done with the blue writing. Ellie wanted flowers around the writing there is alot more to do the drawing but i am very happy with it so far lets hope Ellie is 🙂 x

I have also been working on my watercolour sketchbook, me mum, dad and joe ventured to essex so i could do some drawing in the sunshine. I decided that i wanted to lovely boats and tiptree ketchup with no one stopping except for the evil woman with the dogs that attacked me and i got abuse for it, i hope the lady with the orange top and the loud mouth beilieves in Karma because i do.

I have missed the freedom of drawing and painting what i want to its great, i have also been venturing into alot more fashion illustration this is as far as i have got atm… i saw a lady in paddington station wearing these shorts yesterday she had a really littlw waist and she was wearing this lovely leather belt. Let me know what you think of my paintings its always great to get feedback.



  1. July 20, 2010 / 3:03 pm

    OH MY GOSH. Ella! I love what you have done so far. Better than anything I could have imagined. Thank you!

    Your illustrations are always a treat, they are very beautiful! x

  2. July 20, 2010 / 4:09 pm

    hah your pretty much penniless made my day.
    so cute and whimsical. x

  3. July 20, 2010 / 4:50 pm

    Awww thank you that makes my day that it made your day
    all my love xxx

  4. July 20, 2010 / 4:53 pm

    Looking lovely so far, can't wait to see the finished piece 🙂

  5. July 20, 2010 / 9:32 pm

    you have done a brilliant job, very talented

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