Docs and deposits!

Hi guys…how is everyone this evening? i hope everyone is i have spent most of it cleaning and moving back into my bedroom, and i have discovered lots of vintage clothes and lovely stuff that i never ever where so i thought that i would created a little blog shop with all my wonderful stuff it is still being created but you can find it at ELLA MASTERS BLOG SHOP. I hope that i sell stuff on here the clothes and accesories vary from doc martins to faux fur purses the never ending amount of stuff i have haha!

God i am working so hard not to be a bum! I recieved an email today from the internship at Alexander mcqueen telling me that they had to postpone my internship until late october which is rather annoying becuase i was really nervous about it but i suppose i still have it.
ARGHHH  hate land lords my landloard has taken money out of my deposit for an ink stain on my matress its sooo fustrating becuse i spent forever cleaning the bloody house!! nevermind not much i can do now i guess! hopefully i wont be relying on the money for my summer hahaha

God i miss my boyfriend been away from each other 3days and i feel like i’ve been abandoned i think iam going to take a little trip upto ludlow to see him. I miss him trully.

Iam a weee bit worried that my blog has become a bit boring and iam not to sure which direction to take it, i dont really do outsit posts, i dont really blog about my work its just kinda blah! so if anyone has any suggestions howi could make it any better please

OOOh yeah and you can also buy original work from my folksy and etsy site please have a look.




  1. July 5, 2010 / 8:50 pm

    I'll be keeping an eye on your blog shop!

    I adore that original watercolour so much! I wish I had the money, I would snap it up!

    How are you getting on with the flowers lovely? Obviously no rush, I'm just eager to see them! hehe x

  2. July 5, 2010 / 8:55 pm

    working hard on them i have just sooo many things to do that i do a lirrle bit every day..what was the price we setteled on i cant remember..i promise sometime this week i will do a post for the pretty much penniless comisson would you be able to do a post on my blog to promote my art?

    I am so annoyed about my landlords argghhh!! im in sucha bad mood!

    all my love

  3. July 6, 2010 / 6:21 pm

    Aw lovely, your landlords sound like a nightmare! We settled on £30 if thats still ok? I don't want you spending loads of time on them though, because you are so worth more than that!

    Absolutely my love! I've been wanting to do a post on you and your art for ages!


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