Oh nevermind…

Today i headed to oxford street for my interview for creative assistant i just got an email saying that i didnt get the job but i guess thats ok i went in and i tried my best that is all that matters and my application for the internship at Lazy Oaf has been considered for a job so i guess once more a door closes and another one opens hopefully..I need more commissons people so please ask me to paint you something 🙂

I have decided that maybe it would be better to get a part-time job so i can focus my time on my carear as an illustrator/artist i have save enough money to get equipment i have ben emailing Julia Pott and she has been fantastic with answering questions i have had on printing i am going to invest in some great paper to creat great prints soo please people spread the word of my work i really want to be creating fantastic pieces for people i have applied for some Freelance jobs one about nursery rhymms how exciting!

OOh i was today sooo tempted by an amazing ring i found in Topshop today it was a large gold antique style metal ring i was so tempted to buy it but i have a thing about rings that make my finger green i wear things to death you see! I can’t manage to find an image of the ring i found today but this is alovely ring i discovered on Pamela Loves i love bears i really do.



  1. July 9, 2010 / 9:00 pm

    ah that sucks but you tried your best and usually went things like this happen, even better things come along very soon. what is an ok interview though? do you feel you did well?

  2. July 9, 2010 / 9:21 pm

    yeah i felt like it went ok i just had the feeling as soon as i left that i didnt have it soo nevermind im over it hahaha on to better things could have done with the pay packet but life is far to short to be depressed about things i cant change hope you are well sweetie?? xxx

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